Furniture design for sales areas

A good layout can boost the turnover of a store. For a manufacturer, the advertising at the point of sale who trades with resellers can accelerate the success of a flagship product by improving its visibility within sales areas. LAC Direct, the complementary workshops, helps you to promote your products by accompanying your project of highlighting products, from conception to realization . As a designer-manufacturer, you only use one company to significantly reduce your advertising costs. If you already know what you want, the workshops will take care of your request from the plans you give them. If you need help developing your project from scratch or finalizing it, design specialists guide you and offer you a range of solutions according to your budget and your criteria. Different services are available, ranging from the complete layout of a store to the creation of a small cardboard display.

The Complementary Workshops bring together a large number of technical know-how, ranging from from printing any support to the manufacture of any materials . Without an intermediary between the raw material manufacturers and the production facility, the costs are considerably reduced. Designers working in direct cooperation with the workshop, the budget is certain to be respected, no concession is more to be made once the model completed and validated.

Manufacture and design of furniture for sales areas

The layout of your store can be studied upstream of its opening or be reviewed as part of a total or partial refresh. LAC Direct helps you create or revisit your layout to revitalize your store. Whether you are a big name or a small shop, whatever your budget, optimize your sales area with appropriate furniture that highlights your products and brings out the personality of your concept.

LAC Direct also accompanies you in the staging of your showcase , which is an important communication vector, it returns the image of your store and must be consistent with your concept. An attractive decoration that catches the eye will attract customers passing through, then you as a good trader to turn the passerby into a loyal customer. The showcase can be permanent or seasonal, for example, you can opt for modular elements if you have to metamorphose it regularly. On one side or the other of the window, the vitrophanie and the theatricalization will stand out your front of the neighboring businesses and your competitors. The mood of a store often determines the customer’s willingness to desire your products.

During the special events, fairs and exhibitions it is not necessarily the surface of your stand that will make it visible. Choose your main criteria: visibility, ease of transport and installation, interactivity, your preferred materials and discuss with the designers the realization of your ideas according to your budget. Customized interactive demonstration facade, umbrella stand, giant prints, there is an infinity of tools whatever your investment capacity.

Creation of POS, counters and displays for brands

In addition to the large permanent or temporary furniture, LAC Direct is also a specialist of the POS to discover on their site , point-of-sale advertising . Equip your business operations with adapted equipment so that the highlighting of your products in the stores produces the best effects. Counters for counters or central aisles, all you have to do is send your salesmen to negotiate the locations at your resellers. Places are expensive, stores must regularly make concessions for lack of space. Surprise central purchasing with optimized displays and win the best locations, including holidays.

An average purchase of two is decided on the spot . A commercial operation on one of your flagship products or a whole range will significantly increase your sales and conquer new regular customers by helping them discover your brand. Being noticed is a sine qua non of triggering the purchase. LAC Direct helps you design the perfect central or table display.

The design of the POS

The design of a display is complex. The first choice is that of the dimension and some capacity . It must not be oversized otherwise the small sales areas in the city center may not be able to implement despite their interest in the operation. His goal is still to improve the visibility of the product put forward, too much discretion would be of no interest. Is it better to prefer a table display or center aisle display? It is possible to leave the choice to the resellers between the two formats. Additional costs would be expected but more resellers could be seduced, the work of commercial would be facilitated.

The materials choice is also delicate. If the cardboard is economical, its life is reduced. Depending on the destination of the display, it will have to be more or less solid. If for example it is doomed to be manipulated by a facilitator, it is better to turn to solid materials such as metal, plexiglass.

interactivity between the display and the customer is today made possible by the addition of screens showing a video featuring an overview of the use of the product. A touch pad can also be associated with a fun program. The client is projected, the children are subjugated. An effect that is always guaranteed for certain types of products.

What is your project ?

Discover the many talents of the Complementary Workshops via the website . Download the documentation that corresponds to your project and contact the specialists via the contact form of the site. Whatever your budget, a range of solutions exist to boost your turnover through the layout and advertising at point of sale .

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