Further steps have been taken to contain avian influenza – Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district

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The bird flu virus has so far been detected in 17 poultry farmers in the district. Restricted areas with a radius of at least three kilometers were established around establishments in which cases occurred.

In the districts of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Emmendingen as well as in the urban district of Freiburg, new general regulations on avian influenza have been in effect since Friday. A first decree had already been issued in March after cases of bird flu had occurred in a rearing farm in Westphalia. Young chickens from this farm were also sold to breeders and livestock owners in Breisgau from March 16 to 19.

The animal disease caused by a virus is harmless to humans, but affects poultry species and wild birds. The veterinary authorities of the three counties have established restricted areas with a radius of at least three kilometers around establishments where cases of avian flu have occurred. In them there is an obligation to keep poultry and a strict ban on bringing animals, eggs or other animal products, including feed, out of the pens. Strict disinfection requirements also apply. Around the establishments in which cases have occurred, an observation area is also designated within a radius of at least ten kilometers, in which hygiene rules and mandatory reporting also apply.

Animals had to be killed

As of Friday, the district office of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald announced that, unchanged from the status before Easter, there were 33 companies in the district where there was contact with the infected population from Westphalia. When samples were taken by veterinarians, the bird flu virus was detected in 17 cases and the herds were killed.

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In four other farms, the animals had already died or been killed beforehand. Follow-up examinations are due this week in seven farms because the animals tested negative and were clinically healthy and therefore not killed. There are a total of 650 poultry holdings in the restricted areas in the district, all of which must be clinically examined before the ban can be lifted. So far, 107 animals have been killed in Freiburg, and a further 43 animals had already died of the disease.

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