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Dear readers! After less than twenty-five years of adventure together, we should probably start with “loved ones”. Thank you for your patience – especially recently, when we didn’t know what would result from it all. We already know.

We can now announce – with undisguised joy – that the rights to the CD-Action brand (and PC Format) have been taken over from the Bauer publishing house Fantasyexpo gaming agency. We have known each other for a long time – they organized the CD-Action Expo in 2014, they are also emotionally connected with the CDA. We can’t imagine a better turn of events.

What’s next? First of all, you don’t have to worry about a paper magazine – it will appear on schedule, and a well-known team will be responsible for creating it. However, everyone who knows what Fantasyexpo does on a daily basis comes with another obvious advantage of such cooperation.

For several years, the subject of a modern website and high-quality video content has been regularly returning in the CD-Action editorial office. There is nothing to beat around – cdaction.pl in its current form is not a website that you deserve.

Now we will change it. Editors, Fantasyexpo and you – because each of you can contribute. Both for the development of the magazine and the new website or professional video studio. Details can be found at this address.



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