Future Finance Minister: Olaf Scholz (SPD) brings closest Confidant to the resort

Future Finance Minister: Olaf Scholz (SPD) brings closest
 Confidant to the resort

D he route from the Hamburg State Representation to the Federal Ministry of Finance through Berlin-Mitte is not far; you can walk it within a few minutes. For Wolfgang Schmidt and Steffen Hebestreit, who previously worked at the Jägerstraße for Hamburg’s mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) will work for the Federal Minister of Finance Scholz on Wilhelmstraße in the future, but it will still be a huge change. Wolfgang Schmidt, 47, Scholz has already followed in various roles, he is his closest confidant. So far, Schmidt worked as State Councilor of Hamburg Senate Chancellery and plenipotentiary at the Federal Government and the EU. Not without reluctance was Schmidt, husband of a Mexican woman, as Hamburg’s “Foreign Minister” call. At the 2017 G-20 summit in Hamburg, he received the state guests from all over the world. In the future, the Social Democrat becomes State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), responsible for coordinating the Social Democratic ministries (“A-Ressorts”). As “Vice Chancellor” act these staff, Scholz is with the official government formation this Wednesday Vice Chancellor – Schmidt thus Vice Chancellery Secretary of State. Exclusively for subscribers Schmidt has experience with coordination. Hamburg has been leading the SPD-ruled countries for almost a year; their prime ministers meet on Thursday evenings in front of the Federal Council in the pretty country representation on the Jägerstraße. He is well connected, knows many players in the federal government, countries, political parties, political groups and government. That he with SPD parliamentary group leader Andrea Nahles since Juso times friends will make his job easier. That network of Nahles, Scholz and Schmidt is now more powerful than ever. Niels Annen is one of them, in the future Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, as well as Björn Böhning, designated State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labor. Schmidt loves European and international business, which then plays a bigger role in the BMF than in Hamburg. As a young man, he was Vice President of the Youth Organization of the Socialist International, the current EU Commissioner Federica Mogherini, the lawyer learned in 1999. For a long time, Schmidt took care of Hamburg’s twinning with León in Nicaragua. With Schmidt, Steffen Hebestreit, 45, joins the BMF. The former head of the Hamburg Representative Office becomes spokesman of Scholz and responsible for its communication. Hebestreit, a Berlin correspondent for the Frankfurter Rundschau until four years ago and a spokesman for the SPD at times, knows many journalists, and he is well connected. “He’s been with Olaf forever, and he suits him.” Scholz’s confidant Rolf Bösinger, 52, formerly of Hamburg’s Economic State Council, also changes as State Secretary to the BMF. When Scholz was SPD general secretary from 2002 to 2004, Bösinger acted as head of department at Willy-Brandt-Haus. Reliable, easy-going, competent – this was his reputation among employees. Later he was in Federal Ministry of Labor active. Played trio: Wolfgang Schmidt, Olaf Scholz and Rolf Bösinger (from left) Source: Senate Chancellery Hamburg / Bina Engel (2); pa / dpa / Christian Charisius After his election to Hamburg Mayor Bösinger, Scholz headed to his Senate Chancellery, where he headed the planning staff from 2012 to 2015. Bösinger is likely to be Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Finance, and not only because of his PhD on the “Reorganization of the Federal Financial Equalization”. Bösinger is described as calm, deliberate and a bit obscure. “He’s been with Olaf forever, and he suits him,” it says in SPD circles. As a generalist, he would be eligible for any area of ​​responsibility in the Federal Ministry of Finance. The BMF has so far three state secretaries, with whom departure State Secretary Werner Gatzer is a vacant post. Perhaps the state secretaries responsible for taxes or for Europe / International will be replaced; both are considered CDU-nah.

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