Future Sports Meckenheim – youth basketball: young stars wanted

The basketball players from Future Sports Meckenheim start the basketball year with a new youth team. Girls and boys born in 2013 and younger are playfully introduced to the team sport. Coach Matthias Büsch attaches great importance to age-appropriate framework conditions: “We not only play with smaller balls, but also use lower basketball baskets and there are only four of us on the field during games. In this way we increase the sense of achievement and the joy of playing together”. Interested children can try out the sport in the Meckenheim competition hall on Wednesdays from 5 p.m. and Fridays from 3.30 p.m. “Of course, having fun comes first at this young age,” Büsch points out. “But if you want, you can also focus on the idea of ​​competition and develop over the years into the men’s performance teams.” The 1st men’s team of Future Sports starts this year in the Oberliga, after the three national leagues and two regional leagues the top division. If you are interested in a taster session for the new U10 team, simply come to the hall during training times. Further information is available at or via the club’s social media channels.

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