G20, in Bari vecchia the American delegates enchanted by Teresa’s orecchiette: “But they didn’t buy anything”

“The Americans came but they didn’t buy anything, but they gave me a medal with their flag”. Teresa is a bit disappointed, while in front of the Swabian Castle of Bari that welcomes the great of the Earth for the G20, she slowly kneads the orecchiette with semolina and burnt wheat. His handcrafted banquet, in wood worn by time, has moved it further ahead, to be seen.

So it was, in fact. “They came – he said referring to a delegation of Americans – and they asked me what I do and how to do it, maybe they wanted to bring the secrets of my cuisine to America, but they didn’t buy anything”. Teresa, however, is happy all the same.

Because they gave her a pin. “Now I’ll show it to you,” she says as she enters the small house on the first floor, proud of the little heirloom she will tell her grandchildren about. Next to her workbench there is that of grandmother Maria, a piece of old Bari history. To her, to make her angry, a young man says he is a minister opposed to the sale of fresh pasta on the street. “You have to give young people work”, immediately takes the opportunity to say grandmother Maria, “this duty to do, instead of thinking about your own pockets”.


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