G7: Alberto Fernández condemned Russia and asked that Latin America and the Caribbean not be subjected to marginality

With a temperature of 28 degreesAlberto Fernandez landed in the Bavarian Alps shortly after 12 noon to participate as a guest of the G7. He was received by the German Chancellor Olaf Scholzparticipated in the family photo and waited for the fifth turn to speak for four minutes at the first plenary meeting, where as a representative of the Celac condemned the invasion Ukraine by Russia, He asked that Latin America and the Caribbean not be condemned to marginality and called for a new global financial architecture.

100 kilometers south of Munich, the G7 Summit brought together its heads of state and five invited presidents in a meeting in which the war in Ukraine altered the agenda that had been previously defined. Alberto Fernández arrived there to speak on behalf of 33 countries in our region.

“I am aware that only 1,800 kilometers separate this area from where a war is being waged,” began his presentation by the Argentine head of state, who stood next to Boris Johnson.

A few seconds later, it took direct aim at the government of Vladimir Putin. “Argentina condemned the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Once again we demand full adherence to all the principles of multilateralism. We believe in the peaceful resolution of disputes and in full respect for human rights,” Fernández said.

In his first speech, Fernández called for a new financial architecture that he had already announced at the G20 that took place last year in Rome. At that time, it was the pandemic that for Fernández forced him to make changes.

“We dream of a new international order where efforts are balanced and advantages are distributed based on equity criteria. We dream of not being discriminated against by the central world and condemned to marginality and oblivion”, he said as president of CELAC. And he added: “In order to face such challenges, I want to raise my voice at this Summit to advocate for the construction of a new international financial architecture that includes the peripheries of the world.”

Schloss Elmau, the Bavarian castle that was a refuge for Nazis and today is the headquarters of the G7

In that sense, he once again ensured that “the Special Drawing Rights issued by the FMI They constitute an opportunity to improve social conditions. The channeling of SDRs through the Resilience and Sustainability Fund must be increased, including middle-income countries. They should not be instruments intended to increase the reserves of central banks that do not need them. They must have a social sense by capitalizing regional banks to finance the infrastructure required for the development that climate change also demands.

The surcharge policy charged by the IMF should also be reviewed. They constitute an inadmissible penalty in the dramatic circumstances we are experiencing today. This was recommended by the G20 before the war broke out”.

In addition to the heads of state, the head of the Fund listened, Kristalina Georgieva, who stayed at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, where Fernández also stayed. On Sunday night, they met at the opera and the President showed him a photograph of Francisco, something he also did at the Summit of the Americas when he greeted the president of the United States and asked him about his son.

Alberto Fernánez at the G7 meeting

In the same sense in which the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, in international organizations, the President raised the need to target evasion in tax havens. “It is not the time of greed that challenges us but that of fraternity. Tax havens generate social hells. They constitute an example of social injustice that postpones the right to sustainable and inclusive development”, he said.

The President entered the first meeting with Santiago Cafiero. This morning, he finished outlining the speech in his room together with the chancellor and the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa. The delegation arrived at the Schloss Elmau hotel by helicopter together with the president of Senegal.

Alberto Fernández at the G7 Summit

Hours before the meeting, the Presidents were told that the meeting would be without a tie, due to the high temperature. Although during the year the luxurious lodging has rooms that cost between 700 and 1200 euros, it does not have air conditioning or fans, since the 28 degrees of this Monday are an exception.

Regarding the closing of his speech, Fernández expressed that “the pain that the pandemic has caused us is enormous. He took with him millions of lives. Now that this pandemic is beginning to be controlled, a war subjects us to a time of anxiety that humanity neither deserves nor resists. It is time to change this present and begin to build a more just humanity in peace.”
And he remarked: “It is time to understand, once and for all, that the problem is not poverty. The problem to be solved is the economic system that generates it and allows wealth to accumulate in a few. Thank you very much”.

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