G7 countries reach agreement to phase out coal | NOW

The G7 countries, a group of the seven major economies, have reached an agreement to phase out the use of coal and expand renewable energy production. That is what the German environment minister Steffi Lemke told television channel on Friday n-tv said.

It is the group’s first commitment to phase out the use of coal for energy production. When using coal, many polluting substances are released, including CO2. Their use must therefore be curtailed in order to reduce the effects of climate change.

It is still unclear exactly what the promise looks like, but news agency Reuters wrote earlier this week that G7 countries may limit coal use by 2030.

In addition to an agreement on coal, according to Lemke, agreements have also been made about expanding cleaner forms of energy. Furthermore, the countries have agreed on protecting biodiversity and the fight against plastic pollution.

It is therefore not yet known exactly what the agreements will look like. The G7 countries are expected to issue a communiqué later in the day explaining exactly what has been agreed.