Gabi Tóth after her tour in Transylvania: I finally dared to believe that I was lovable

He was worn out by the “lies and intrigues” about him over the past year, which he received on “certain forums”.

A new entry has been added Tóth Gabi blog, in part of which she recalled her tour in Transylvania, where, according to her, the singer felt a great sense of fulfillment. As he writes, what he experienced there exceeded all his imagination.

It was so uplifting I can’t put it into words! I can only thank God for helping me, for being by my/our side, for holding my/our hands, and for giving us so much love.

He writes that he thought he discovered sincere love in the people there, which he needed:

After the past year (or more) of his harassment, lies, scheming, abuse online and on certain forums, I was beginning to feel that I was unlovable. I used to be afraid to go on stage. Although personally, in real life, I have never been hurt and I receive love at home at my concerts or even on the street, but here people are somehow afraid to show emotions. The contrast was great. I dared to believe that I really give something to people, that through my songs they get something that helps them in their everyday life, keeps them hopeful, and strengthens their faith. And I finally dared to believe that I was lovable, that there was reason to love.

He also stated that he would like to return to Transylvania in the future, especially so that his daughter can experience “the charm of the region, the kindness of the people, the boundless love, the sea of ​​natural wonders”.