Gabi Tóth: “Don’t fall for it, it’s a lie…”

Discounted weight loss products are advertised Gabi Toth abusing his name and face. The singer drew attention to fraudsters on her social media page.

Gabi warned about fraudsters on her social media page Photo: Instagram story

In an Instagram story available for 24 hours, Gabi notified her fans with a screenshot: don’t fall for fraudsters who advertise their products with her name without her permission!

Again some fake website advertises with me, eat anything! Don’t fall for it, it’s a lie that I had nothing to do with

said the outraged singer.

Two years ago an eerily similar thing happened to him, it was also used as an advertising face for consumer products. The singer expressed serious concern, as she was afraid that her fans had bought the dubious composition, even considered dangerous.

But even a few weeks ago, he had to face fraudsters abusing his reputation. A dummy profile was recently created, and followers were also sent private content on his behalf. The mother of a young child found out about the fraud in time and warned her fans that she is not behind the profile, so the messages do not come from her.

The names of Anita Ábel and Curtis were also misused

Gabi is not the only celebrity whose name has been misused by a company. A few years ago Abel with Anita a lifestyle company created an entire fake interview in which the actress advertises their consumer product. Anita then took appropriate legal action against the fraudsters.

But our male stars were not spared either, three years ago Curtis and Balázs Sebestyén sent messages to fans on behalf of them, promising discounted products to those who fill out a questionnaire containing their personal data.

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2023-05-31 19:15:04