Gabi Tóth returned as empress (with photo)

We have to say that this was one of the best compositions of the last period by Gabin Tóth, the headdress could not be left out, as if an empress was standing before us.

Gabi Tóth’s voice was not 100% in the last live broadcast of Sztárban Sztár leszek! during its time, but now rather than a week from now, as it is being prepared with an extra production. His new song will debut shortly, and not only the lyrics will be memorable, but also the video clip itself.

Out of turn

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This could be one of the biggest throws of his career and will likely generate tons of views on YouTube. Gabi’s transformation could not be left behind on Sunday after the final of Dancing with the Stars in Sztárban Sztár leszek!, the crew did an excellent job.

Gabi was also very satisfied, but at the same time she regrets that her competitor was eliminated, but she is sure that we will hear more about her. And the final is coming soon, there is not much left, and it is difficult to say who is the biggest favorite.

“Thank you very much for the kind messages you sent to @josa.tamas! It means a lot to him and I am terribly sad that he was eliminated yesterday and I was left without a competitor, but I know that you will hear more from Tomi!” Gabi wrote in her post.

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