Gabi Tóth was first touched and then ecstatic, Majka Bereczkin joked

István Csiszár was the fifth performer in the I’ll be a star! in his finals, he brought the Queen singer in an incredibly professional manner.

“I don’t know what the TV viewers saw, but my throat tightened! You brought Freddie Mercury back one by one, as if he were here with us … you put such a job into this, sound, work! Thank you for experiencing this, I am very, very grateful … You didn’t play, you understood Freddie Mercury, “exhorted Gabi Tóth, who was completely touched.


The other members of the jury also really liked what they saw. “You weren’t unworthily known,” explained Babett Köllő, perhaps not in a correct Hungarian, but everyone understood what he wanted to say. Majka remembered that earlier Star in the star Zoltán Bereczki once brought this character, now he remarked that he hoped Bereczki would not live in a two-story house, because he would surely jump out the window when he saw the performance.

Here is a video of the presentation: