Gabi Tóth’s little girl grew up well: she baked with the father of the curly curly Hannaróza – Hungarian star

Gabi Tóth and Gábor Krausz they also protect their seedling, the little Hannaróza Marika, from the wind. It drips very nicely, the two-and-a-half-year-old girl has grown a lot by now.

However, to the greatest grief of the fans, parents show it only relatively rarely.

Gabi Tóth’s daughter’s hair

Gabi Tóth’s little daughter, Hannaróza, was born in December 2019, and the proud mother has been talking about her development regularly ever since. Most recently, for example, he wrote about him in a blog post about how little militant he would ever leave the playground. If another child takes something from him, he takes it back without a hitch and sometimes even collects other toys. In this case, of course, your mom will ask you to return the booty to its rightful owner.

Hannaróza feels not only on the playground in her element, but also at family events, she is happy to help her dad with barbecues on the weekends, for example. The star chef posted a cute photo of it, the little girl’s belly hair was adored by the fans.

“She has a beautiful baby and what a hairstyle. Fairy. ”

“Beautiful hairy baby!”

“Beautiful photo! You have great help, Gábor! Little cute!” commenters wrote.

Little daughter of Zoltán Bereczki and Éva Bata

We haven’t seen much of Zoltán Bereczki’s and Éva Bata’s baby girl, who was born last December. Now the actress has shown how much Flora has grown: her mother-daughter has posted a picture on her Instagram page.

Cover photo: Profimedia