Gabit Tóth was very badly humiliated for his family

Gabi Tóth told a shocking story.

Gabi Tóth told a shocking story.

Gabit Tóth was humiliated. The singer testified about this in the latest post on her blog on He described that, unfortunately, there was a teacher in his former school who took completely different views. Although he did not teach him directly – only his brother, Vera Tóth – he was still able to influence his life because his colleagues also feared him.

According to Mom, the desire to play ‘Tóth Girls’ was already clear in kindergarten. On every holiday, I was almost the only one who could be safely exhibited on the podium and performed any rhymes, poems, songs with full force. Gabi Tóth recalled, who also had high hopes for the school.

“I wouldn’t have thought in my nightmare even then that talent could be a matter of origin and that I could be at a disadvantage because I came from a non-privileged family.” Said the singer.

He described that in most rural schools, unfortunately, talent development was in its infancy in his time, especially in a small town like Tapolca. His mother used to say talent is a big city-oriented thing.

Especially if someone didn’t come from an intellectual family. And our family was a working family, so we started not from zero, but from minus 65. Plus, our poorer school was merged with the local elite school, so unfortunately the kids who wanted to take it to something were in an even harder position. For example, the aforementioned “mummy teacher” took out my application form several times from the others I wanted to enter for regional competitions. ” Gabi said.

He added, of course, there was always some other excuse for the teacher to do this, as he openly did not assume that he thought they were below rank to represent the school in such a competition.

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“I remember once banging my head that I wanted to enter the competition with a musical hit. She was an iron-clad, dusty-minded woman, for whom musicals did not exist as a genre. He really took every opportunity to humiliate me, even in front of the whole school. Even now, it feels really bad to think about it, because I know there are still such “lake thugs” all over the country, and not everyone is as lucky as me to have a good life in the end – the singer wrote to herself.

He also told me the teacher said she should have been overthrown by singing, and he almost succeeded, but fortunately his own teacher, as far as he could, stood up for it.

The grimace of fate is that when Gabi Tóth received the Medal for the city of Tapolca years later, the “mummy teacher” was able to take over her 50-year-old pedagogical medal. He said it would have been appropriate to congratulate each other on stage, however the teacher did not accept his hand and turned away…