Gábor Koncz can only walk with a stick, but he would still play

Gábor Koncz can only walk with a stick, but he would still play

In fact, he plays. The Kossuth and Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor will also perform in four plays on the New Theater stage in November.

Gábor Koncz, 83, told Blikk that he needed the stick because of his previous surgery.

“Unfortunately I have to because of my spinal hernia. I’ve had it before, I’ve had surgery on it, but again, my back isn’t okay. Unfortunately, this is it. I’m not happy about it, it hurts too, so I can only go with a stick. I have to lean, so I relieve that part a bit, and on the other hand, it’s so safe. But I don’t want to complain, so many old people can no longer be completely fit. I was at the doctor, he knows exactly what is allowed and what is not. I don’t know if I will have surgery or not, it hasn’t been talked about yet, ”the actor explained, but added that his current condition is not as severe as it used to be.

“I’m an actor, that’s my life. Plus, it’s not as severe right now as it used to be. I’m doing my job and I’m not endangering myself, ”he told the paper.

As he said, he doesn’t strain himself very much on stage now either, as he also has to lie on a bed almost all the way according to his role.

“In the last one year, when there was no theater, I really missed the work. I’ve been waiting to get on stage again, I can’t even tell you how happy I was when we started rehearsing. It’s good to be with colleagues again and I’m glad to be able to meet the audience. The love of the spectators and the lot of applause we receive after the performance will compensate for everything, ”shared Gábor Koncz, who is happy that it is still needed.

“It often comes to my mind what happens when I don’t. It was my birthday recently, I was honored with a two-week oeuvre exhibition at the Klári Tolnay Memorial House. It was an honor and it was a good feeling to see those many photos, memories, but even then you inadvertently come to the conclusion that there is less forward than backward. That’s right, you have to enjoy life and of course work as long as you can, ”the actor said.


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