Gábor Máté: Péter Gothár lost more than he seems

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Gábor Máté he was an actor and director of the Katona József Theater Kadarkai Endre guest is Club Radio Beyond words where, among other things, Péter Gothár A harassment case involving the Katona József Theater, which broke out in the autumn of 2019, also ended. Gábor Máté now spoke about the difficult situation he had found as a theater director, when on the one hand he had to get rid of a director he considered to be a very important artist, and on the other hand the government press made a political case out of the case.

This is him [Gothár Péter] a spiritual deprivation in his life. In a spiritual environment to which he belonged, he thought he was, and he was, he lost that something… He lost a lot. He lost more than he seems

– said Gábor Máté, who also said that he had spoken to Gothár for the last time a week after the dismissal, they have not communicated since then. Matthew also said he was subjected to far more attacks than Gothar as the case became a political affair and was extremely worn out by the affair.

If one reads somewhere that I have to be sentenced to three years in prison on my head, it matters what they say. And it also matters that none of the shouters asked me what they were

He said of the attacks from the government.

Gábor Máté answered yes to the question whether he was also one of the members of the company who asked for the help of a psychiatrist due to the Gothár case. True, the second time he didn’t go to the specialist anymore, although in retrospect he thinks he should have. According to him, the case was divided by the Soldier’s company, community trauma was the case.

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A Beyond words its full broadcast can be listened to here.



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