Gabriel Jesús acknowledged being freer and happier at Arsenal; sent a note to Pep Guardiola – Fox Sports

Arsenal is leader of the Premier League and a key to this has been his attack. Among the participants of this is located Gabriel Jesuswho arrived in the last market from the Manchester City. The also striker of the Selection of Brazil recognized that since he left the group of Citizens play with a smile on your face.

“It was different in Manchester City. A striker does not touch the ball much. You can notice it when you watch the games. When an attacker doesn’t have much contact on the ball, he ends up going down to midfield to try to touch it. There is no problem for it. I decided to move and come to Arsenal. I talk a lot with Mikel Arteta about football, about my versatility on the pitch, what I like. We both know each other. I know what I want from myself. Now I go out more freely to play, with a smile on my face, I give my best”.

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On the other hand, the Brazilian not only praised his current coach, but also launched a critic to Pep Guardiola. He hinted that at the time he got tired of the philosophy of the coach of the Manchester City and that was when he decided to give thanks for arriving with the Gunners:

“At the time I was very happy in the Manchester City. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been happy there, but obviously there are things you have to understand. In the same way that I accepted things while there, the demand for Pep Guardiola, it was clear. He never had a problem with anyone. It was his way of understanding football and the way he wants this sport to be played. It is up to each person whether he accepts it or not. If you do not accept it, they thank you and look for something else, that was what happened to me. I accepted it for a long time while I was there, but The time came when I wanted to change. I thanked him for everything, he understood and then I left”.

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Arsenal upcoming games

  • Arsenal vs Tottenham – October 1st
  • Arsenal vs They will/Flash – October 6
  • Arsenal vs Liverpool – October 9
  • They will/Flash vs Arsenal – October 13
  • Leeds vs Arsenal – October 16

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