"I demand respect towards myself, but above all towards my daughters and the mother of my daughters"

Gabriel Soto again takes social networks to tell his truth … But this time neither peacefully, nor philosophically or using metaphors. On this occasion the actor exploded directly against the magazine TvNotas and went out to defend the honor of Geraldine Bazán.
The Mexican publication that leaves every Tuesday, has been responsible for following up the story of love and lack of love between Soto and Bazán. The alleged infidelities, and were those who claimed that the son of Marjorie de Sousa could be Gabriel and not Julián Gil.
This week Tvnotas returned to attack with them saying that Geraldine had an illness, almost incurable, that Soto had transmitted sexually for his infidelities.
The actor could not stand it anymore and through his Instagram account he published, under the title of 'Ya Basta', the following:

As she explains in her writing, even though they are already divorced, they are still linked by other more important bonds like her daughters, that is why she will continue to defend her honor and having it as one of her own.
Geraldine seems to have preferred to take the path of ignoring what was published, and better to promote her new video on her Youtube channel.



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