Gabriela Koukalová has had a turning point for the last three years. After deciding to deal with the top sport, she divorced, found a new love and, to make matters worse, threw herself into moderation. The life of the former biathlete turned 180 degrees. The question remains how she managed to stop it all.

In the talk show 7 Falls of Honza Dědek, Gabriela Koukalová confided in how she managed to survive divorce and the end of her career. “Ending my sports career was probably the hardest thing I have ever experienced. Finding something else is very difficult for most athletes. Top sport requires all human time and isolation from people. That’s why lockdown is not such a big change for me, “he admits.

“I was looking forward to the end of my career, I was happy to be able to go out and no one is checking on me, no one is asking when I will return. It was suddenly a huge freedom that I had not had for 26 years before, “adds the former biathlete.

She now feels free in her personal life. The divorce from badminton player Petr Koukal cried, but she was also able to find something positive in him.

Koukalová would not wish anyone a divorce

“I would not wish anyone a divorce, it is not pleasant. But it’s not about life. The only positive thing is that since then, everyone has been telling me that it suits me very well. Maybe they think I’m sad, so they praise me. But I can’t complain after the divorce. I get to know a lot of new things, I have job challenges, “says Gábina with a smile, who found herself in her new profession as a moderator.

Life outside of sports, especially the one in show business, brought her disappointment. “I lived by saying that one should tell the truth. And then I found out that fair play is played in sports, but not in life. I’ve been studying for the last three years. It’s a beautiful year, but it’s not easy, “adds Koukalová.

Gabriela Koukalová already shares a household with her new partner

Currently, her new partner, with whom she even lives, helps her to overcome any life difficulties. Before their relationship grew into love, they were friends.

“We’ve known each other for several years because we were very close friends. His name is Miloš and he is a man who has worked in gastronomy for many years, his family also has several companies, “said Gabriela on Showtime.

“He’s the type of man who doesn’t want to remake me in any way. He respects me with all his mistakes. With who I am, which is hugely liberating. He can listen well and is very attentive. Miloš also cooks well and I love food, he gained me a lot, “Koukalová revealed, which enchanted her.

Source: TV Prima


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