Gabriele Bianchi’s girlfriend who faces life imprisonment speaks: I believe him, he is innocent

The murder of Willy Monteiro Duarte in Colleferro

Gabriele Bianchi’s partner yesterday attended the courtroom in the indictment of the prosecutors who asked for life imprisonment for both brothers. “I am convinced that he is innocent, I will stay close to him”.

Gabriele Bianchi and Silvia Ladaga

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The murder of Willy Monteiro Duarte in Colleferro

“I believe what Gabriele told me, that he didn’t hit him Willy Monteiro“. These are the words of the companion of one of the Bianchi brothers, Silvia Ladaga. To Repubblica he explained: “Two years ago I said that if Gabriele was wrong he would have to pay. Today I am convinced of his innocence, I intend to stay close to him”. Yesterday Silvia was among those present in the courtroom of the Court of Assizes of the Court of Frosinone, on the occasion of the indictment of the prosecutors Francesco Brando and Giovanni Taglialatela, who asked the judge for life imprisonment for the brothers Marco and Gabriele Bianchi. Both are in fact accused of having beaten and killed the 21-year-old who “died from the lucid folly of the herd”. A request that the woman expected, she explains, kept her gaze fixed on her partner to reassure him for the duration of the session.

On the night of 6 September 2020 in which the dramatic events that led to the murder of the twenty-one-year-old from Paliano occurred in Colleferro, Gabriele’s partner, who was pregnant, had dinner with the two Bianchi brothers and other friends in Velletri and then it was moved to Artena. She learned of Willy’s murder when he saw the carabinieri arrive. Silvia Ladaga is the daughter of an exponent of Forza Italia from Velletri and ran for the 2018 regional teams. Yesterday in the classroom, among others, Willy’s mother was also present. The accusation has no doubts: that of Willy Monteiro was a willful, voluntary and non-intentional murder. For the other defendants on trial for the killing of the young man Mario Pincarelliin prison and Francesco Belleggiacurrently under house arrest, the investigators asked for a sentence a 24 years of imprisonment.

“Willy kicked for endless 50 seconds”

In the indictment, the prosecutors clearly explained that: “The whole surface of the head is crossed by bruises and traces of beatings”. The blows caused “hemorrhagic infiltrations in the heart, lungs, spleen and liver. There is no part of the body that was not affected by trauma.” Willy, they continue “fell to the ground and was kicked and punched for 50 eternal seconds and died.” Willy’s battered body, beaten and killed “is a body that speaks”, according to the prosecutors. There are five lacerations on the corpse, caused by a blow of “tremendous energy”. “While one was squeezing his diaphragm, two were beating him.” From the results of the medical examiner’s examination, it emerges “the fury that was unleashed on Willy’s body, as if it were a boxing bag”.