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Gabriella Laberge reflects on her performance at America’s got talent

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Bombarded with interview requests and solicited for private concerts as far away as Italy and Qatar, Quebecer Gabriella managed to keep a cool head on Wednesday after her triumph on the set ofAmerica’s Got Talent, Tuesday evening.

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Five years after experiencing the instant fame that his participation in The Voice, in France, the 28-year-old artist says he is better equipped to cope with the media whirlwind and the avalanche of comments on social networks following a successful performance in front of millions of viewers.

“You have to take advantage of it because it fades quickly. It’s an excellent business card that will give me a good boost and maybe the media will be more interested in my third album ”, she confided to the Journal.

In the meantime, his phone does not ring. She ran interviews with Quebec media all day, Wednesday, and articles about her were published in the Billboard and the newspaper Metro, UK.

The latter amused himself by pointing out that Gabriella received an ovation after having sung Goodbye My Loverby James Blunt on NBC’s popular reality show after being screened out of the contest Destination Eurovision, in 2019.

“I already have requests for weddings all over the world. I just received one from Qatar. I don’t know if I’m going to go, but it’s fun that people think of me, ”she told QUB radio.

The following ?

Even though all the judges – Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – voted yes, Gabriella’s return to America’s Got Talent is not insured. The producers re-select among the candidates who have passed their audition.

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Again, Gabriella takes it with philosophy. His goal was to make a good first impression.

“You have to be patient and expect twists and turns,” she said.

After all, it is the entertainment industry.

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