Gading Marten Team Wins in OLX Autos IMX 2022 Star Wars

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – OLX Autos IMX 2022 presents ‘Star Wars’ which is participated by several well-known figures in Indonesia. They are Raffi Ahmad, Uya Kuya, Gading Marten, Andre Taulany and Atta Halilintar.

These artists display modified cars with different and unique styles and concepts. Their car will fight in the Black Stone Live Modz Challenge 2022 Star Wars event.

Raffi Ahmad brought a BMW E30 which has a long history due to his father’s legacy. Therefore, the modifications he made were minimal. Some of the changes are seen after the Pioneer brand sound system and engine.

Uya Kuya and Gading Marten chose to modify the sports car. Gading’s Audi R8 Stingray is done in a sporty yet fierce style, while Uya Kuya shows off the Mazda MX-5 Miata roadster with a turbo engine.

The Toyota Avanza EV concept from Atta Halilintar is quite a steal. He turned a used 2010 Avanza into an electric car. The electric Avanza is claimed to be able to cover a distance of 175 kilometers.

That’s thanks to a combination of a 20-kilowatt electric motor and a battery that replaces conventional machines. As for the powertrain package, it is still installed under the front hood.

The next crazy modification was done by Andre Taulany, where he trimmed the tail of his BMW E30 to make it a hatchback with a striking yellow color. The decision he took because he did not have a hatchback model.

There are several additional categories in the star wars event, namely “The Ultimate Under Carriage” which was won by the Gading Marten team. Mobil Gading Marten also managed to win in the The Ultimate Excellent Of Detail category.

Then the Ultimate Interrior category was won by Andre Taulany’s team. Then Uya Kuya was crowned the winner in the The Ultimate Indonesian Kalcer category. Meanwhile, Atta Halilintar won the The Ultimate Wrap category.

Furthermore, Raffi Ahmad’s car modification was able to win the “The Ultimate Paint” category. He also won the The Ultimate Sound System category at OLX Autos IMX 2022. For your information, each category received a prize of 50 million rupiah.

Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI) Bambang Soesatyo or Bamsoet helped determine which team won the overall Star War. He crowned the Atta Halilintar team as 3rd place, and received a prize of Rp. 50 million.

Meanwhile the second place went to Andre Taulany’s team. The famous Indonesian comedian received a prize of Rp. 100 million. Meanwhile, the 1st place winner was won by the Gading Marten team, and was entitled to take home a prize of IDR 500 million.

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