Gaia Padovani, the first blind person with a degree in medicine, does not have to repeat the test of the specialization school of Psychiatry-

Sometimes the stories, even the most complex ones, have a happy ending. As in the case of the story of Gaia Padovani, the first blind person with a degree in medicine in Italy, at the Sapienza University of Rome in 2018, who he will not have to take the admission test to the psychiatry specialization school again, as it had been requested by the Miur. Gaia in 2019 had not passed the entrance test, but the administrative court had established admission for her: and so Dr. Padovani had been attending classes for two years, and for a few months also the ward of the Policlinico Umberto I.

It is today the decision of the Council of State that has dissolved the reserve and has the sentence of the Lazio TAR suspended which had ordered a repetition of the test after about two years e expected from the ministry of university and research for the November 4, with a minimum notice of approximately 20 days. “The Council of State, with a reasoned order – explained Gaia’s lawyer, the lawyer Michele Bonetti – in addition to suspending the sentence of the Tar has underlined the risk of having to interrupt the profitable course of study Padovani, hoping for an overall reassessment of the position of the interested party ».

The hope of the lawyer Bonetti is “that the trial will not continue in the natural phase of merit already scheduled for the year 2022 and that the institutions take charge of this situation by remedying the applicant’s position. Has been affirmed the right to study and the right to work, constitutionally guaranteed».

29 October 2021 | 19:47