“Gain of life”: health in conferences, this Friday in Saint-Tropez

“Ithis will be one of the big events of the winter “ assures Laurent Petit. Since 2011, the elected Tropezien, physiotherapist and sports coach has organized every two or three years, the meeting “earn life “on the theme of longevity.

The next one will be held this Friday, November 26, Salle Despas.

On the program: two hours of lectures on health and sport, mainly for people over 45 “but young people can also come“specifies the organizer.”It is aimed at all those for whom living at 50% of their physical and mental potential, and therefore well-being, is not tolerable. Gaining life implies in quality and if possible in quantity “explains Laurent Petit.

During this evening, various topics will be discussed, all related to longevity.

Eight speakers

Among the topics, you will find: improving your sleep, relieving your lower back, how to firm the skin of the face, warming up in the morning. Learn all about dinner and its impact on weight, and even how to lose size in ten days.

In front of the public, eight speakers will take turns. Laurent Petit, who will also speak, presents them: “We will receive Dr. Arnaud Cocaul, a Parisian media nutritionist, author of 15 books on nutrition. His last Vegetarian coming out soon. He is someone very nuanced, who advocates balance and does not fall into the fad of diets. Then, Dr. Jean-Luc Vigneron, President of the French Society for Surgical and Aesthetic Dermatology, will address questions related to his specialty: the skin. François-Alexandre Bertrand, Parisian entrepreneur and former executive director of the “Women Forum” will talk about the importance of preserving the environment to earn a living but also about the difference between men and women. We will also have local speakers: cardiologists Jacques Odiot and Jean-Marc Vigne who will talk about prevention and a healthy heart. Doctor Michel Mède, dentist from Saint-Tropez will discuss the importance of absolute dental hygiene in the context of well-being. Then the police commander Élodie Nègre will give us a few reminders in terms of safety and good citizenship to gain life. »

A real success

The organizer is particularly keen on the presence of recognized specialists at its conference. “A lot of nonsense is said about health. People are showered with information via social media, everyone is giving their opinion, and it drowns the truth.

The result? The conference is always a great success. “There are never less than 300 people“assures Laurent Petit who prevents:”Be on time, because the room will be full!

Friday November 26 at 6.30 p.m. On the first floor of the Jean Despas room. Free admission. Information on +33 6 22 91 43 25.