Gaižauskas is shocked by the information about the treatment of migrants: it is no longer a rejection

“I am shocked after the meeting of the National Security and Defense Committee yesterday. Some of the information is classified, so it will remain in history. But even what is in the public part of the hearing is shocking.

Yesterday, the committee, whose closed meeting was unexpectedly called “briefing”, although no legal act provides for such a genre, made it clear that migrants detained in Lithuania were taken to the border and ordered to return to Belarus. It is no longer a repulsion from the border where potential border violators are deterred from crossing the border illegally.

These are persons who have already crossed the border illegally and committed the criminal offense of crossing the border, as provided for in Article 291 of the Criminal Code, who are either subject to criminal proceedings or, if they have applied for refugee status, are exempt from criminal liability. No law provides for a third way, “the parliamentarian shared his thoughts.

The agenda does not formally state that the NSGC meeting was closed or that issues related to the migrant crisis were on its agenda.

D. Gaižauskas says that the rulers do not even hide the fact that they share the instructions to border guards to violate the laws themselves.

“When I asked who in Lithuania gives such orders not to apply the Criminal Code to violators of the state border and points out that they simply need to be expelled to the territory of another state, I was told that the operations manager A. Bilotaitė and L. Kasčiūnas. The chairman of the NSGK yesterday and did not even hide the fact that he had given instructions as well. And who gave these two such powers? How should I understand this? And in general, since when has the application or non-application of the Criminal Code been a matter of political decision? If laws are broken in this way, instructions are given by unauthorized officials, and many serious questions arise – where are the laws still being broken, why is this tolerated? ”D. Gaižauskas asked.

The parliamentarian says he is in favor of strengthening, protecting and closing the state border.

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“However, the way we are doing now that people inside the border who have crossed the border illegally, who may have committed crimes, are being taken to the border and pushed out across the border is no longer in line with any rule of law,” said NSGK.

Talked about the consequences

D. Gaižauskas says that a great international shame awaits Lithuania soon, because after the report of Frontex has been distributed, it is obvious that this agency will probably leave Lithuania.

“It is obvious that it will cost Lithuania. At the very least, the sanctions of the European Court of Human Rights, which are primarily financial, the withdrawal of Frontex, because, as I understand it, we are already approaching this, and the loss of partners in the European Union.

After all, we should seek the support of our partners both for the construction of the border and for the improvement of migration legislation in order to make it easier to repel such hybrid wars in the future. Instead of thinking about it, we are shooting at our feet and not only are we not managing the migration crisis, but we are also discrediting ourselves on the international stage. All that we are ignoring now will sooner or later turn against our state and its citizens. However, apparently, it is not important for the Conservatives, because until the carousel of international courts turns, they will no longer be in power, ”says D. Gaižauskas.

But most of all, the member of the Seimas was outraged by the fact that at yesterday’s committee event he did not receive any answers as to where the illegal migrants who had fled from the temporary accommodation were.

“There are almost 600 of them. The head of operations, Agnė Bilotaitė, by doing nothing to ensure national security, creates all opportunities for unidentified persons who may be involved in terrorist and criminal organizations to act freely not only against Lithuanian citizens, but also against the residents of the EU member states. “In the briefing of the National Security and Defense Committee yesterday, I realized that the real issues of national security related to illegal migration are not of great concern to this government,” says D. Gaižauskas.

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According to him, “the problems are putted only in public, and the concern for national security begins and ends where the money is spent on fences and huts.”

“It simply came to our notice then. They do not even have time to listen in detail to the information gathered by the services, they avoid asking specific questions related to state security.

And there is concern about why terrorists, criminals and spies may enter the EU together with migrants or through Lithuania, and whoever wants to, because this government understands illegal migration only as a game of power, where it is as if a public attempt is made to show that something is being done, but in reality the situation has been let go, ”deplored D. Gaižauskas, Deputy Chairman of the Seimas National Security and Defense Committee.

There are serious questions

Vytautas Bakas, a member of the Seimas Human Rights Committee and a representative of the “On behalf of Lithuania” faction, says that if it turns out that a member of the Seimas has instructed the executive or statutory officials, it raises a very serious question about non-compliance with the constitutional principles.

“In this case, if a parliamentarian really interferes in the functions of the executive power, especially if he gives instructions to border guards on how to guard the border or what to take or transport, where to expel – we are very close to the border here, and an impeachment of a member of the Seimas. Moreover, no member of the Seimas can instruct a depoliticized structure such as the SBGS how to guard the border, what to push and what to miss. This is not part of the functions of a member of the Seimas, his functions are parliamentary control, ”says V. Bakas.

At the same time, however, the parliamentarian adds that “it is necessary to seriously find out what happened there, because just saying Gaižauskas does not mean that it was so”.

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According to V. Bakas, if it was really as D. Gaižauskas writes, then none other than Gaižauskas himself “must apply to the Seimas for the initiation of an investigation”.

Kasčiūnas rejects the statements

Laurynas Kasčiūnas, the Chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Seimas, responding to the thoughts expressed by Gaižauskas, says that “the shadowy” peasant “Minister of National Defense Gaižauskas is an intrigue”.

“I am surprised by the incompetence of Mr. Gaižauskas, because he, as the chairman of the NSGK during the last term, does not know that there is such a form of operation of the committee as meetings. It was a closed meeting here with representatives of law enforcement and special structures. If Dainius attended committee meetings more often, he would know that here both the normal and the format are legal, ”says L. Kasčiūnas.

The Conservative categorically rejects Gaižauskas’ claims that he confessed to giving instructions to the officers at the border.

“Somehow he doesn’t seem to have a good sense of humor,” said L. Kasčiūnas.

He added that the situation in the border was presented in a closed meeting, as well as the risks seen by officials in this process of hybrid warfare of illegal migrants.

“All risks are managed,” said L. Kasčiūnas.

Speaking about the issue of expulsion of migrants, Kasčiūnas said in Gaižauskas’ remarks: “I have the impression that Gaižauskas, contrary to what his representative party declares, wants to turn Lithuania into a transitional yard for illegal migrants. I have made it clear that there is a decision by the Head of Operations, Bilotaitė, to expel such migrants, and all action is being taken on the basis of this official document. However, it seems that Gaižauskas torpedoes the entire policy of expulsion of illegal migrants pursued by Lithuania, ”said L. Kasčiūnas, Chairman of the Seimas NSGK.

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