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Gaizka Insunza: «A language is mastered when you dream of it»


The Audience member and Professor of Statistics and Economics at the Bilbao School of Engineering Gaizka Insunza, a 41 year old guerni and long musical background, solo debut with a self-titled and dreamlike album, a felt, classic and Americanophile proposal of cabaret rock (there is a swing in the background), a kind of soundtrack where we visualize and taste aromas and flavors of Los Bichos, Marah, Jesse Malin, David Lynch, El Diablo En El Ojo, Santo & Johnny or some Atom Rhumba Suavitos.

Thursday premieres solo at Kafe Antzokia (upper room, 8.30pm, free entry). The appointment seems inescapable and taking advantage of the date we interrogate Gaizka.

What do you do on a normal weekdays? You are a university professor of engineering, aren't you?

That's right, I work from Monday to Friday teaching at the Bilbao School of Engineering, as you say. Music occupies an important place in my free time and has become a discipline rather than a hobby. I am quite disciplined, whether with Audience rehearsals, weekly sax lessons or the hours I spend on guitar and piano at home. In addition, I have been combining musical projects for some time so that when one is over there is another on the horizon.

And what do you do on a weekend day?

When I don't play I try to make plans with friends. And these plans can be musical or not.

How many times do you rehearse with more people and how much do you play alone each day?

On the subject of the trials, each group has its idiosyncrasy or way of functioning. In fact, someone could argue that in certain styles and for certain groups the essays can be counterproductive, and I would not be entirely wrong. In the case of Audience we are quite disciplined and usually rehearse twice a week. In my case, I practice at home, although I don't call it rehearsal because I don't meet anyone, ha ha …

How many projects do you keep right now?

Right now I am presenting my first solo album in addition to continuing my militancy at Audience.

How many instruments do you play?

Basically I play the guitar and piano, and not at the level I wanted. My first approach to music was through piano at the conservatory, although later I understood music better through guitar. I must say that it was my brother Ager who gave me a vision, through the guitar, which is still the axis of our musical evolution. And in recent years I also attend sax lessons, as I said at the beginning.

Gaizka with his characteristic red shirt in a tribute to Sarrionaindia in the Arriaga. / Carlos Garcia Azpiazu

What language do you usually think of?

When I studied in the USA they kept telling me that a language is mastered when you start dreaming about it. I began to dream in English about four months after arriving in the USA. When I returned home it was hard for me to dream again in Basque, ha ha … Today I practice three languages ​​on a daily basis, since I teach both in Basque and in English, and access many cultural contents in English: music, movies, books …

Yes, in a long time interview you told us that you studied in the USA. You told us about the storms and the marked social categories or prototypes of students in the institute, which were like in the movies.

Yes, I studied in the USA. I did the third-party equivalent of BUP in an American high school. The 1994-1995 course. It was an experience!

Have you created a family or are you single?

I have a couple. Without family.

Why do you sing in English on the new album, your namesake debut?

There are many reasons. The first is that it is a language that I master and that I use frequently. In addition, it is the language with which I have been educated in this world of rock. I mean that stylistically I cannot deny that most of my musical influences are Anglo-Saxon. I don't find it a foreign or foreign language. I learned to sing in English.


On the other hand, I also feel more refugee using English. I feel that I create a character and that I raise a barrier between myself and the self that comes out to interpret.

And what do you sing on the album 'Gaizka Insunza'?

Without being premeditated, I realized that I had written three or four songs related to creating my own worlds, or escaping reality, concepts that remind me of Brian Wilson's song 'In my room'. I decided that it could become the backbone of my solo album and I developed it a little more. If you look at the song titles, they are quite illustrative: 'My dream come true', 'There´sa place', 'Hopeland', 'We´re running away' … In any case, this album is far from being A conceptual album.

What will Thursday's concert be like?

The backbone of the concert is made up of the songs included in the album and I will complete the set with versions of artists that I admire. The versions I have chosen are from artists with a long career. I will introduce myself alone, with acoustic guitar and piano. No band.

Are you going to wear your characteristic red shirt?

I have no thought, ha ha …

The music of your solo debut sounds very American to me. He has always done it if we tell your story at Audience, which you have even taken care of a soundtrack for the documentary 'Amerikanuak', about Basques emigrated to Nevada.

Yes, they tell me a lot. However, the British wave of the 60s is perhaps the period that has had the most influence on me. I mean the Beatles have been the most important group at home. In that age when you define yourself as a "musiquero", The Who, The Kinks or Led Zeppelin albums were key.

What do you ask for 2020?

I dont know…

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