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Galaxy Fold's release has been postponed as Samsung investigates breaking screens

Samsung beleaguered galaxy fold will not start on April 26th. After that several incidents After last week's screens ruined the early production devices, Samsung announced Monday that the Foldable Phone's scheduled sales date is being postponed on Friday, saying it will announce a new release date in the coming weeks ,

"Initial results of the inspection of reported problems on the display showed that these could be related to the upper and lower exposed areas of the hinge, and there were also cases where substances inside the unit affected the display performance affected, "Samsung said in a statement. "To fully evaluate this feedback and do more internal testing, we decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold."

The company also sent emails to users who pre-ordered the device – including the CNET reviewers – and said they were "updated with more specific shipping information in two weeks." Samsung does not charge the Fold with credit cards until it's delivered, and the brand also enters and deletes pre-orders if they change their mind and want to cancel the order before shipping.

Galaxy Fold - Samsung e-mail to pre-ordered customers

An e-mail Samsung sent to people pre-ordering the Galaxy Fold on Monday.

Screenshot of CNET

News of the delayed release of the phone was reported Monday by The Wall Street Journal. This report follows a Tweet from Engadget's Richard Lai on Sunday about the postponement of star events in Hong Kong and Shanghai originally scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Frequent mobile Tipster Ice Universe On Sunday, he reiterated the postponement of "two events" – presumably the launch events – and suggested pushing back the supplies of the phone itself. SamMobile reported on Sunday that Samsung attributed the event's delay to problems with the venue in Shanghai. He quoted "someone who claims to be familiar with the matter."

The incidents involving the Fold's plastic shield – which includes a screen bump and a flickering display – have led to a cause Kerfuffle among spectatorsDoubts about the durability of Samsung's $ 2,000 foldable phone and the concept of flexible devices in general.

The Galaxy Fold tester from CNET has remained intactand we contacted Samsung for the reported screen issues.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold problems started Wednesday, two days after the device distributed a small number of test equipment to the testers, including CNET.

Reviewers found that removing the plastic film from the Galaxy Wall's 7.3-inch inner wall, which consists of a thin sheet of flexible plastic rather than glass, immediately rendered the phone useless. Another discovered that the left half of the Galaxy Fold was flickering heavily, and another noticed a camber under the screen that noticeably distorted the image of the screen, possibly through debris that was under the display.

"While many reviewers shared the tremendous potential they see with us, some also showed us that the device needed further improvements to ensure the best possible user experience," Samsung said Monday. "We will take action to strengthen the screen protector and we will also improve the screen care and use guidelines, including the protective layer, to help our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold."

Currently in progress:
Look at that:

Samsung Galaxy Fold explained problems


Foldable phones are a brand new concept that shakes the world of phones. The design is designed to give people twice as much space on a device that, unlike today's pocket busting devices, is small enough to be taken along. But the hassle – the Galaxy Fold starts at $ 1,980 – and concerns over the durability of a bendable screen and hinge could jeopardize the ability of foldable phones to free themselves from the ground. Huawei has also announced a folding device that Mate Xand Motorola should have one foldable Razr in progress.

The Galaxy Fold incidents also put Samsung to the test as consumers and industry experts draw parallels to Samsung's double recall of 2016 Galaxy Note 7after numerous reports that the battery overheated and sometimes caught fire. Screen problems associated with the Galaxy Fold have "broken" the phones, but have not been reported to cause fire or other damage to people and property.

Read: Samsung Galaxy Fold problems could have been much worse

    201-fold galaxy

The fold is extremely pluggable when all are closed.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Samsung can at least deal with a recurring problem in which critics peel off a plastic wrapper that has emerged as an integral part of the screen. The company said to CNET last week in a statement, "We take all necessary steps to ensure that information about the protective coating is clearly delivered to our customers." The materials in the Galaxy Fold-Box, including the Quick Start Guide, contain information about them Protective layer. "

" will have special Galaxy Fold FAQs for consumers who will learn more about the care of the Galaxy Fold, including information about the protective layer, and trade and customer service representatives will be trained with top-level protection information."

With the Galaxy Fold CNET follows the developments. While we continue to review the early production device, we will not be judging until after the final production phone test. See How is it going with our Galaxy Fold? so far.

Originally published on April 21st.
Update from April 22nd at 07:52 am: Adds the WSJ start delay report.
Update from April 22nd at 10:22 am: Adds a confirmation from Samsung. Update, 12:03 pm: Add Samsung e-mail pre-orders. Update at 17:22 PT.


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