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Galaxy Tab S7 FE: Samsung is cash, its new tablet is already losing 50% 🔥

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Samsung unveils an exceptional offer for the launch of its Galaxy Tab S7 FE. This “Fan Edition” version of its touch pad will be a huge success with a convincing value for money. The recess is the icing on the cake.

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE just released, the brand has decided to boost launch sales with an unbeatable offer. This new model of touchscreen tablet is among the best on the market. It is a revisited version of the Tab S7, with a more affordable price and very attractive technical characteristics.

If you take the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE as part of this offer, the official site gives you a series of bonuses, both in cash and in kind. For example, the Galaxy Buds Live (value: 169 euros) or a Book Cover Keyboard. In addition, you are also entitled to a cashback offer of 100 euros, a trade-in bonus of 50 euros and 5% in Samsung Rewards points. By combining all these advantages, the tablet displays a price of 315 euros instead of 669 euros, it is exceptional.

To see the offer on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, it’s here:

See the Samsung offer

What are the advantages for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE?

If you are not familiar with the FE range, it is worth remembering a few things about the new Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet. To design this model Fan Edition, Samsung has taken into account the feedback from its community to release an affordable device that does not skimp on the technical part. In this sense, this version is largely inspired by the Galaxy Tab S7 + except that it is cheaper.

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The first advantage to which you are entitled by taking the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet from the official site is the choice between two products offered by the brand. You can select Galaxy Buds Live or a Book Cover Keyboard when you add the device to your cart, these will be shipped for free when ordering. On the one hand, there are the excellent wireless headphones with active noise reduction (value of 169 euros) and on the other, a pouch (value of 169 euros) which also acts as a keyboard for your new tablet.

The official site doesn’t stop there, it doesn’t skimp on the perks with this introductory offer. If you choose the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet, the brand also offers you a refund offer (ODR) which can go up to 100 euros. To do this, you simply have to complete the online application: the document is accessible directly on the store.

In addition, you can also benefit from a bonus of 50 euros when you take back your current device. It is added to the base amount, which means it can go up quite quickly if you have a recent tablet that you are returning for the new version. The last advantage results in a jackpot of 5% in Samsung Rewards points, you can then use them on the store to take accessories for example. For the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, this represents around 34 euros.

All these advantages have the merit of adding up with the purchase of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet, so you realize excellent savings on a model which has just been released on the market. With all these bonuses, the device goes to 315 euros, which is half the initial price. It is a godsend to find such a generous introductory offer from Samsung, it is better to take advantage of it without delay to avoid stockouts.

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What characteristics for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet?

If the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet is more accessible than the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + versions, it does not put aside the technical characteristics for all that. Overall, it has a very decent quality-price ratio which is further significantly improved by the offers put forward on the official site.

To go into detail, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet is entitled to a 12.4-inch screen for a definition of 2560 x 1600 pixels. It should be noted that this model is equipped with an LCD panel while the basic models of the range benefit from the OLED. However, we can count on Samsung’s know-how in this area to offer a nice end result.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet can boast of having a 10,090 mAh battery with the 45 W fast charge, these are the same specifics as on the Tab S7 +. It is one of the best autonomies available on the market, few competitors in the same niche are able to do as well. In addition, the fast charge will allow you to recover half of the battery in just a few tens of minutes.

In terms of power, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet relies on the presence of a Snapdragon 750G processor. In comparison, classic models feature the Snapdragon 865+. If this chip is more recent, the one that equips the new model will be more than enough to operate the device without latency. In addition, it has the merit of being compatible with 5G, it is the assurance of enjoying an excellent ultra-fast network.

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Finally, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet is entitled to two speakers that offer appreciable sound quality. There is also an 8 Mpx main photo sensor at the rear and a 5 Mpx sensor at the front. Overall, this device enjoys all the features expected on a model intended for daily use, be it battery, power or otherwise.

Note that if you fall for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet, Samsung will deliver within two to three days of your order. If necessary, you can also benefit from a withdrawal period of 14 days, this allows you to return the product free of charge for a refund. Do not wait any longer, there is a chance that this offer will disappear very quickly from the official site for lack of stock.

To take advantage of the offer on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet, it’s here:

See the Samsung offer

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