Galicia, Andalusia and Valencia request the same interprovincial de-escalation as Urkullu


The asymmetric de-escalation that the Government is applying in territories such as the Basque Country may generate a new conflict with other autonomies in the next phase change, the resolution of which is scheduled for next Friday. Lendakari government Inigo Urkullu It has already publicly claimed that justified movements may occur for “socio-economic” reasons between its three provinces if the transition to phase 2 occurs, as explained by the Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness on Monday, Arantxa Tapia.

The Executive led by the Basque Nationalist Party, on whose votes the next extension of the state of alarm largely depends, has motivated his request, within the “bilateral negotiation” that he maintains with the Ministry of Health, in which Euskadi It is not a very large territory in terms of square kilometers and the socioeconomic relationship between territories, counties and municipalities is very relevant, “not only from a labor or health point of view.”

It is a non-exclusive position of this autonomy that can put the cabinet of Pedro Sánchez in another territorial mess if you choose to give the Basque Country the green light in lifting a restriction that is contemplated until phase 4. “The approach is that interprovincial mobility will occur when we reach the phase of new normality, when we have traveled from phase 0 until the phase of new normality, “said the Prime Minister in April, when he detailed the different stages of the de-escalation plan. He did so in reference to the possibility of moving between provinces to move to a second residence.


news-img-figure”>The President of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. (EFE)
news-img-caption-def”>The President of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. (EFE)

Autonomies like Valencian Community, Galicia or Andalusia They have also been in favor of allowing movements between provinces before the final phase, each for different reasons or motivations. The ‘conselleiro’ of Sanidade de Galicia, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, he assured Saturday in an interview in Radio Galega his intention to request the pass of all his autonomy to phase 2 and to reclaim the possibility of allowing circulation between provinces because the incidence of the pandemic “is being the same in all areas”, according to ‘El Ideal Gallego’.

Jose Mari Alonso. Vitoria

The Basque Government wants freedom of transit between the three provinces since the “socioeconomic relationship between territories, regions and municipalities is very relevant” in the community

In the Valencian Community, the debate has also been opened on the possibility of transit between provinces, especially in those bordering areas with strong ties and social or economic relations. This is the case of the border towns between Valencia and Alicante. The inhabitants of Dénia and Pego, for example, will not be able to travel to Oliva or Gandia, nearby municipalities, but they will be able to travel to Orihuela, for example. It is a circumstance that also occurs in border towns between Valencia and Castellón.

“Prudence” in the Valencian Community

The ‘consellera’ of Health, Ana Barceló, announced this Monday that it will not request the transition of the three Valencian provinces to phase 2 “due to a sense of prudence”, as a slight increase in the reproductive number or contagion of the virus has been detected to 0.80, still below of 1. However, the regional head of Health assured, to questions from El Confidencial, that the Generalitat will request the ministry in its bilateral talks to allow inter-provincial mobility when all autonomy goes to phase 2, as the Basque Country has done, not only for socioeconomic reasons, but also to be able to go to second homes.

For its part, Andalusia has two requests to the Government of the nation. One, that the whole community change stages together and without leaving the provinces behind from Malaga and Granada, they joined a week later than the rest of the region in phase 1. The second request of the Board is that mobility between provinces be advanced, as the Basque Country also wants, in the new phase 2.

Galicia, Andalusia and Valencia request the same interprovincial de-escalation as Urkullu

The main argument of the Board to advance mobility between provinces is for tourism to be reactivated as soon as possible, even if it is national and within the community, and it is also allowed to move to second homes of Andalusians as soon as possible. They insist that Andalusia should not be wronged and given the same treatment as other territories that have worse sanitary parameters.

The Andalusian Government claims that there is no de-escalation “at two speeds” and it makes use of its data, of zero contagions, to request that the community go together, passing stages towards the ‘new normality’.


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