Galilea Montijo and his rivalry with Verónica Bastos

Galilea Montijo and his rivalry with Verónica Bastos

His long career in the national show and his relations with the top executives of Televisa de Galilea Montijo They were enough for Verónica Bastos to decide to step aside and leave the Hoy program.
The ethical journalist had a bad time in her first intervention in the morning and the rebuffs of the tapatía and Andrea Legarreta were very evident on screen.
Apparently the day that Bastos was presented, there was a friction between her and Montijo; in his column Alex Kaffie She narrated that Galilea shouted for her to tell the press she was treating her badly.
Veronica avoided major problems and a possible veto from the television station, for which she thanked Magda Rodríguez for the invitation.
But resentment of celebrity comes from years ago, Bastos supposedly influenced so that Alexis Núñez, former producer of Hoy, made him see his fate in Galilee.
The personal quarrels of almost twenty years are not easy to forget, Montijo remembers how it was blocked by Núñez at the start of his career in Hoy and I knew that behind the measure was the hand of the drug, who at that time was married to the producer.
After the departure of Alexis, in 2007, Bastos was invited to the morning, but Galilea was already a television personality and took revenge by being very rude to the journalist.
So that things did not get out of control, the then producer of the program, Carmen Armendariz He asked Montijo to be a good hostess and leave his problems in the past.
Something is for sure, Galilea will never forgive Veronica how bad she was when she began her career as a driver.
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