GALLI, On the market there are no others like the Church

The former purple goalkeeper Giovanni Galli spoke, among other things, of the imminent sale of Federico Chiesa from Fiorentina to Juventus, and of the uninsured starting position in Turin: “That’s how it is at Juventus, you have a place in the locker room and a number on your shoulders, but it’s not sure if you will be the owner. Maybe he will also play, but thinking about the European Championships … Federico di Federico however are extraordinary, no player, not even Kulusevski, has his own snags, and there are no players who attack the goal at his speed, except Ronaldo who, however, at his age can do it once every twenty minutes. Orsolini is making mistakes, because Federico has the characteristics of a top player: the bad luck of Fiorentina is that there is no money on the market, and with a contract like his you have to undergo certain dynamics. However, he will not be able to train at 80%, otherwise Sunday will play another one: that’s where the bar is raised. My fear is a function of the European Championship, because I know what it means to adapt to certain contexts: it was difficult for me to acclimate to Milan, in Florence I was ac asa my “.

What does Fiorentina need now?
“Now the club will have to make an evaluation, take players for certain characteristics and not for the name. Of course, on the market you can’t find the characteristics of Chiesa, because nobody has them, but I don’t think the team should be upset either. month to make a radical intervention on the training … A real director would not be bad, as would another defender. Because without the certainties behind you, you are less courageous: we armor the defense to always have the courage seen at San Siro “.

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