Gallop Derby 2022: At the Langer Hamburger there are 4218.75 euros per kilometer

Second day of racing in Horn

At the Langen Hamburger there are 4218.75 euros per kilometer

Updated: 06/29/2022, 06:22

The second day of racing starts on Wednesday at the gallop derby in Horn – including the long hamburger.

Photo: Witters

During the derby week, the “Lange Hamburger” is on Wednesday. It’s the longest race of the meeting and there’s a lot to gain.

Hamburg. 54 horses are for that second day of racing the derby week on Wednesday (first of the six starts: 5.45 p.m./admission free) on the Horn racecourse reported. They gallop around 56,900 euros. The nine starters have to cover the longest distance to earn prize money in the fourth race (7.30 p.m.), the “ Hamburger”.

But the journey is worth it for the five geldings, three mares and the stallion: 22,500 euros will be paid out after 3200 meters for the first four places. The winner receives 13,500 euros, which corresponds to 4218.75 euros per kilometer.

Derby week: There is a lot of money in the long hamburger

Favorites are the four-year-old gelding Diamantis (Ritterbusch Stable/2022 prize money with three starts: 15,500 euros), who is ridden by Martin Seidl (28), and the seven-year-old Lord Leoso (Herb Stable/2022 prize money with three starts, two of them). Wins: 19,400 euros), saddled by René Piechulek (35).

Of the Long hamburgers is the longest race of the derby meeting and one of the most traditional in the history of the Hamburger Renn-Club. Thanks to the commitment of the Hamburg apartment and holiday home provider, the prize money has increased significantly since last year.

Updated: Wed 29/06/2022 at 06:22

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