Game between Chivas and Cincinnati is delayed due to an electrical storm

In the final stretch of the first half, a heavy rain accompanied by an electrical storm was present on the venue and the game stopped.

The friendly duel Leagues Cup in between Chivas y FC Cincinnati was suspended due to a thunderstorm at TQL Stadium

Around minute 35, the central referee whistled and asked the players of both teams to leave the field of play, after an electrical storm began, so before the multiple thunders, the referee requested by protocol the suspension of the match.

“Due to weather conditions, the game has been suspended. Fans should follow the instructions to protect themselves,” wrote the Leagues Cup in social networks.

For its part, Chivas announced that “weather conditions permitting, the players will return to the pitch in approximately 20 more minutes.” at the edge of 8pm.

Like the footballers, some fans who were in the stands of the stadium were protected, after the transmission showed how the fans who were present at the TQL Stadium

After 33 minutes that the game was suspended, both teams jumped onto the field of play to carry out a brief warm-up before resuming the match, with ten minutes remaining in the first half.

Finally, 42 minutes later, the meeting between Chivas y FC.Cincinnati was resumed, after the footballers had a ten-minute warm-up. In the same way through the official account of Chivas it was reported that half time will only be seven minutes