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Game of Thrones prepares for death with hook ups, fortune telling and more reunion

If this whole last season of game of Thrones is just a whole bunch of random "long time coming" moments, we honestly would not be crazy.

During the premiere there were all the exciting reunions, the second episode was filled with important conversations and random hangouts and little things that left us only slightly absorbed in our weaker moments. Even Lyanna Mormont, who wanted her cousin Jorah Mormont, luckily was sweet and gracious, but we absolutely lost it because of some major developments. Arya and Gendry finally done! Jaime has knighted Brienne! Missandei and Greyworm made plans for the future!

Unfortunately, many of these beautiful little moments came when everyone just sat and waited for their death in the upcoming battle against the dead army, and it somehow feels that the more beautiful the moment, the more likely death is.

And then the thing that we went "oh s – t" when we realized what was going on: Jon told Dany the truth. Oh boy.

Let's discuss the bigger moments, right?

The trial of Jaime Lannister

We saw Jaime arrive in Winterfell last week (and see Bran's creepy eye), and tonight we saw him in front of a number of people whom he had wronged, including a queen, a lady, and a guards. He wanted to fight for survival after Cersei had lied to him (and everyone), but Dany and Sansa were ready to grab him (or to die). Then Brienne came in to reveal everything he had done for her and the fact that he was responsible for keeping Sansa alive, which Sansa appreciated.

She changed her mind and when Jon said that they needed every man they could get, Dany agreed.

But even more fun was Jaime to apologize to Bran! All these years later!

Of course, the last time they saw each other, it was the end of the pilot's turn when Jaime Bran pushed out the window after Bran witnessed Jaime and Cersei gathering together. But Bran was not angry that Jaime had pushed him out of the window, because without this accident he would still be Bran Stark and not the scariest guy in Westeros (also known as the Three-Eyed Raven).

Jaime also had a moment with his brother Tyrion, who assured him that Dany is the true queen and that Jaime was never deceived by Cersei.

"They always knew exactly what she was and you still loved her."

Then they complained that they would both die at Winterfell, which is not the great death they had in mind.

Jaime and Brienne also got together again after defending him and she was shocked that he did not insult her.

Later, Brienne, Podrick, Tormund and Davos came to Jaime and Tyrion to get a friendly drink and a crazy Tormund story about how a giant had breastfed him for three months at the age of ten and recalled all the times when she was all had fought against the Starks. and now defend them all. Tormund discovered that Brienne was not a knight and everything was "f-k-tradition", so Jaime was all "a knight can knight another knight" and ordered Brienne to kneel down.

And did we cry a bit? Honestly yes. A tear escaped us as Brienne knelt by Tarth and was knighted by Jaime Lannister. Then Podrick sang a song and oh man, everyone is going to die.

Arya and Gendry

Arya kept bothering Gendry with the gun she had demanded of him, but it turned out that this was not what she was looking for. Realizing that she was about to spend her last moments with the hound, she told Gendry that when she died, she wanted to know what sex looked like first. Gendry was cool with it, and so they hit this line:

"I'm not the red woman, take off your own bloody pants."

Yesssss, Arya! To get! Apart from the fact that people often die after watching television on television …

Sansa and Daenerys

After Sansa changed her mind about Jaime, Dany had a few questions and we finally had to watch as these two women got together in a room and tried a few things. Sansa believed Jon behaved like an idiot because Dany had manipulated him, but Dany disagreed that she was being manipulated by Jon for giving up her search for the Iron Throne to help Jon with his zombie war.

They seemed to communicate before they were interrupted by the return of Theon, which made Sansa particularly agitated (as they escaped together the agonizing rapist Ramsay Bolton).

Missandei and gray worm

Greyworm asked Missandei where she wanted to grow old and what she wanted to do with her life when the war was over and it was so beautiful that we are now 1000% sure that one or both of them will die and never see them the beaches will be back!

Dany is learning the truth

Jon showed Dany the crypts and the statue of Lyanna Stark. He explained that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married and had a son, and that he was that son, and Dany realized immediately that he could steal the throne from her. Neither of them admitted that this means that everyone slept with their relative.

Unfortunately for someone (not sure who does not yet know), Daenerys did not have much time to respond to the news as the zombies had come and the war was just beginning. But that's next week! When everyone dies!

game of Thrones Sundays at 9 o'clock on HBO.


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