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Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner's fiancé Joe Jonas disguises himself as Sansa Stark for Cringey and hilarious Instagram video

Joe Jonas previously disguised as game of Thrones& # 39; Sansa Stark for Halloween, and he obviously enjoyed it so much that he re-shared the video for the eighth season TV premiere.

The singer, who is engaged to Sansa actress Sophie Turner, posed and kicked in an Instagram video set on HBO's hit theme.

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Several stars responded to the funny (and crunchy) video, including Adam Lambert, the other half by Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Julianne Hough and Kelly Rowland.

Sansa's screen nurse Arya Stark, or Maisie Williams, also commented, "Why are you so embarrassed? We're standing there."

Not surprisingly, the return of game of Thrones The previous rating records are absolutely broken. So, when people said they were leaving the show after their favorite characters had been killed, they were not really sincere …

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