Game over ? – Paris (75000)

So this is how the story ends? While the ninth wave (many stopped counting in the fourth) gently begins its decline, France lowers its guard to bring the Covid into common law. Alea jacta is. Pandemic or endemic, we’ve been hearing it for a while now, we’ll have to live with it for good. An infectious disease like any other, but which will have ruined our existence, making us live from the start under a leaden screed. But is it determined to be forgotten, this virus which persists in taking lives and threatening the most fragile? Game over ? It would be premature to say. It’s not as if he hadn’t already had some bad surprises in store for us during a forced cohabitation. The virus is decreasing as surely as our fine speeches before on the post-Covid period when we stuck together but no longer hands. We didn’t know it, but we hadn’t seen everything yet. The war in Ukraine and inflation are responsible for showering our dreams of brighter tomorrows. And all of this leaves us on our guard. For a long time yet.