Gameplay of an early version of Project L – a fighting game based on League of Legends presented

Riot Games introduced the gameplay of the early version Project L – fighting game based on League of Legends, announced two years ago. Created by Radiant Entertainmentacquired Riot Games in March 2016.

The game uses sel-shading, and the gameplay really looks like a series Guilty Gear or, if you like, The King of Fighters… Players will have the opportunity to use support characters that appear to perform joint attacks.

It is noted that much attention is paid to the network code, since unstable connection is especially critical for fighting games.

Gamers enthusiastically accepted the video – at the time the news was published, it had 48 thousand likes and only 636 dislikes.

At the same time, the creators note that it is still not worth judging the quality of the game by the current video – closer to the release (which does not have a date yet), a lot may change.

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