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On August 29, the Day of Gamer o World Video Game Day. On this special date it should be noted that among the equipment most acquired by this large user sector are gaming laptops, those that allow players to live great experiences in a virtual world, full of challenges and challenges.

For Yuzel Ahumada, Product Manager for Latin America at Dell Technologies, having high-tech tools is key to living an optimal gaming experience, quality and great visual capacity without interruptions. “The passion for video games does not stop. Hence, for players it is essential to have cutting-edge technology that does not limit their expectations and allows them to exploit their full potential “, he claims.

Therefore, within the framework of World gamer day, the specialist offers 4 features that every user should consider when purchasing a gaming laptop.

1. Powerful graphics card.

It is a very important component and must be in accordance with the games that are used, since some require higher graphic performance than others. Two great options are the Alienware X15 and X17 laptops, which feature graphics cards from the RTX 3060 6GB to the RTX 3080 16GB. These models provide users with the ability to enjoy the latest titles at a higher level of frames per second and in the highest definition.

2. High definition display

The size of this element has a great impact on the performance of the players. An important aspect when looking for a computer is that it has at least one screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and 250 nits so that the user does not suffer a trick in the execution of the game. To guarantee an incredible gaming experience, a technology to choose is Gsync or Freesync, which allows better synchronization between the monitor and the graphics card, avoiding update delay and spasms during use.

3. Processor.

This component is the brain of the laptop and has a great impact on the performance of all the tasks it performs, in addition, it influences the battery life. On the other hand, it allows the computer to start and run the programs in a proper way and it can even handle several softwares and windows at the same time.

4. Efficient cooling system.

A good thermal system will ensure that the equipment stays warm and does not overheat in the most demanding moments of the game. Consider a laptop with a cooling system that includes fans, cooling pipes, and heat sinks that will allow the device to be used for long hours without overheating or damage.



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