Nice to see GC is still not afraid to break with the pack when it comes to their ratings. And as usual, I see that most of Spider-Man's reviews mention the same complaints and then hit a 9/10 on it. I have to admit that I was not quite sure how similar the game is to the Batman games so far, which is good in theory because they are all great, but on the other hand it does not seem really relevant to Spider-Man to be .
I mean, he sometimes uses gadgets in the comics because he's a scientist and everything, but I never really think of Spidey as a gadget-based hero like Batman. Does this work in the game? I think you mentioned extra gear, suits and skills?
He may be stealthy, I think, but again I do not really think about him, but whatever. I think one of the main problems is that all these games take place in New York, which is an overused attitude for playing anyway. This is not Sony's fault, here he lives in the comics, but I feel that this is more a remake of Spider-Man 2 than anything else.
GC: There are four categories of upgrades: Skills, which are mainly additional moves and natural abilities. Gadgets like drones and alternative web shooters; Suits, most of which have a unique super-ability; and goes with mods that reduce things like damage or stun enemies when they touch you.


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