#GamesInBavaria Newsflash 24/2021 – Games/Bavaria

The hottest week of the year so far is coming to an end and we can already see from the slightly lower amount of news that many of you were able to enjoy the sun. Nevertheless, a lot has happened in the Bavarian game companies and we wish you a lot of fun this weekend with your #GamesInBavaria news and demos or early access versions of some exciting titles. A look at the calendar for the coming week promises a lot of news and dates for your calendar, so be sure to check out our website more than once next week.

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News from Bavarian game companies

This is what happy faces look like: The Kickstarter campaign for How is the Water, Cyan Planet’s VR experience, was successful. On June 13th, the team reached the goal of 50,000 euros – and you can still bake the project here on Kickstarter until tomorrow. By the way, the happy faces belong to the founding team, which thanks them with a video for their support. Incidentally, the campaign is being celebrated live here today. Follow Cyan Planet here on Twitter and learn more about the numerous partnerships, campaigns and appearances around How is the Water and the mission on which the project is based – or listen to the New Realities XR Podcast here from the XR HUB Bavaria with the team. We congratulate and are very happy for the team!

Fivefingergames, meanwhile, has the new website for the game on the Elrond Blockchain Knights of Cathena launched. We look forward to more information about the turn-based strategy game, in which you can play matches and collect NFT items and join a house to become a lord or king.

The Avorion community is still eagerly awaiting Patch 2.0 and the team now has Patch 1.3.8 released for the space sandbox game. In addition to the availability of the game in French and Japanese (wow!), There are some QoL and stability improvements. For the retro pixel browser MMO a patch was also released. The big news are guilds in the game, as well as some QoL changes and bug fixes.

After the release of Minute of Islands (links to the reviews can be found here) the publisher Mixtvision now inspires us with the Demo for A Juggler’s Tale, which is currently available for the Xbox as part of the Summer Game Fest. This way, here you go! A making-of stream was available on June 16 on Steam at the Steam Next Fest.

Speaking of Steam Next Fest: Also Panic Mode from Moebiusgames you can play there (and wishlists!) – this is the way to the early demo. A photo of the team, uh, box art of the game can be found here. Likewise, of course, the demo of the VR title Sweet Surrender from Salmi Games, here. In Early Access you can now too Police Simulator Patrol Officers by Aesir Interactive on Steam. Follow the title here on Twitter and stay up to date on updates and release news.

Thera Bytes also has a wonderful success story: The team has entered into a publishing partnership with Aerosoft for the title Zombie Cure Lab. In the same breath Thera Bytes announced the participation in Aerosoft’s online event NextSim 21, at which around 10 studios present more than 15 simulation titles. The trailer for the event, which will take place on August 26th from 3 p.m., is available here. If you also want to gamble with the team during your lunch break or do architectural work, you can also apply directly here on the website.

Our first media tip of the week is the new YouTube channel from Remus Rain from Purple Flame Studios. So far you will find three videos there and the current video is about puzzle design for video games with many exciting examples and tips for your puzzle design.

Then you can Gamejam-Spiel Froge me to the Moon from HighPassionStudios with kind of games industry talk organizer Linus Gärtig here on It’s about frogs, tarantulas and the GMTK Gamejam theme Joined Together.

There is again a lot to read at audEERING, for example. The current blog post is about data security and six questions for the company’s director of data intelligence. More interesting topics about AI x Healthcare can be found at audEERING on Twitter. If you want to know more about the design of Horse Club ™ Adventures from Wild River Games, you can find an article here with all the important details from the BUT bei The Mane Quest.

Last but not least, we come across Mimimi Games the one year anniversary of the release of Desperados III at. The title was released on June 16, 2020 and is extremely popular both nationally and internationally, as the many nominations, prizes and positive reviews show. Congratulations!

News from the games network in and around Bavaria

The A MAZE./Berlin anniversary edition will take place online from July 21st to 24th, as the international festival for games and “Playful Media” is taking place for the 10th time. On June 14th, the 25 nominees were announced who were able to prevail in 251 submissions from 48 countries and now want to get one of the five awards. We are pleased that the immersive XR experience project Eurydike Infected by Evelyn Hriberšek from Bavaria is among the nominees and we keep our fingers crossed. You can leaf through all 251 submissions here.

On June 11th, the GOLDEN SPARROW was awarded for the 29th time. The prize for children’s media was also awarded in the digital category and went to El Hijo from the publisher HandyGames. You can find more information on the website and an interview with one of the makers and the video recording of the award ceremony can be found here.

We still have two news from the field of e-sports for you: Achim Fehrenbach wrote a portrait of Munich eSports eV for IGM, which you can read through hereto find out what the club has been doing for esports since 2019 and how it gets involved. in the Twitter-Feed des Autors you will also find links to a five-part series on e-sports and health. From now on, Project HIVE Nuremberg will be back live on site with 32 players on Saturdays DATEV Ultimate Series Weekly. The people of Nuremberg are planning big things: You can find out everything about the Project HIVE Nerdculture Center, which is currently being developed, here.

Your news in the #GamesInBavaria Newsflash

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