What does BlizzCon 2018 tell us about the future of Blizzard? What does BlizzCon 2018 tell us about the future of Blizzard?

The BlizzCon 2018 is over, but its echo echoes: in hundreds of thousands of YouTube dislikes for Diablo Immortal, in angry debates on Reddit and last but not least heaps of April Fools memes. With the announcement of a Mobile Diablo, Blizzard has brought his hardcore fans to the barricades.

But what does that all mean in the long run? Is Blizzard really losing sight of his old community? Or is that Mobile foray just a new and useful building block in a strategy that also includes old school blizzard games? This is what the simultaneous announcement of Warcraft 3: Reforged speaks for. In this episode, Maurice discusses the teachings of BlizzCon with Heiko and Peter.

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Diablo-Shitstorm - How could Blizzard happen?


Diablo-Shitstorm – How could Blizzard happen?

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