Gandia hospital turns 5 in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic | Radio Gandia

On a day like today, April 11, 2015, 5 years ago the new Francesc de Borja de Gandia regional hospital opened its doors to serve all citizens. New facilities with improved and expanded medical services came into operation. The new center has more than 290 rooms, 13 ICUs, 10 for Neonates, 8 operating rooms and a staff of more than 1,000 workers.

That day they were transferred the last 30 patients from the old hospital, which closed its doors permanently after 43 years, with a special team of 150 professionals, 6 ambulances and the Local Police of Gandia.

The hospital’s fifth anniversary now comes amid an unprecedented health crisis that has put the center’s gear to the test, from its operation to the coordination of all the professionals who work in it. He birthdays celebrate it between gloves, masks, protective screens, hours and hours of work and the conviction that they will win the battle against the coronavirus.

Thus, on Saturday, April 11, the Safor toilets continue to work hard to fight the coranovirus pandemic on the front line. In fact almost a dozen of them have been confirmed as positive throughout this period, and at least 35 are or have been in quarantine.

The health workers have not stopped receiving donations of protective material and other solidarity actions. On the occasion of the Easter and Easter arrived at the Francesc de Borja de Gandia hospital a gift from 100 tortillas of the group Palacios Alimentos y Easter Monas from the Serra de Daimús oven.

Any improvement is celebrated as a victory. This same week the health workers of the regional hospital celebrated the birthday of a 95 year old man, entered by Covid-19, that indicated that all “They have given me health.”

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