Gang steals bags from the elderly in supermarket parking lots with the coin technique, 4 arrests

Before they landed the first theft, they had already attempted five, all of which failed. Then in the span of a few tens of minutes he managed two, only to be arrested in the act of crime by the police. In the sights of the band of elderly and elderly coins, stopped in cars especially in the parking lots of supermarkets and stores in the capital. Seven of the thefts attempted and gone to port that the four tried to carry out last Wednesday 11 May, starting from Torre Spaccata up to Casal Boccone, where they then finished their criminal day with handcuffs on their wrists.

It was the agents of the Romanina police station, after receiving several complaints, who stopped the gang, 4 men aged between 30 and 36, two of Peruvian origins and two Cubans. Investigators, in civilian clothes, engaged in a service aimed at the prevention and repression of crimes against the elderly, mostly perpetrated in supermarket parking lots, identified a car with 4 suspicious people and began to follow it at a distance.

Certain of not being observed, the 4 have repeatedly “artfully thrown” coins at the feet of some elderly people, trying to distract them but none of them gave weight to it. Five attempted thefts, all unsuccessful and tried one after the other: at the Euronics car park in Torrespaccata, at the Eurospin in via di Prataporci (Finocchio area). From the eastern outskirts they then moved to Collatino, where they failed a third theft in the Conad parking area in via Giovanni Battista Valente. Then a fourth and fifth attempt, again to the detriment of elderly people by car, first at Lidl in via Prenestina in the Tor Tre Teste area and then at Maurys in via De Chirico in Tor Sapienza.

The theft, however, succeeded perfectly in the next stage, a bar near the Deledda park, in Talenti, where, as reconstructed later, they managed to steal a bag, but without the coin technique, but after having distracted a gentleman who was consuming at the table of the restaurant in the north east quadrant of the city.

Fleeing, still by car, from the place of the theft, they threw the bag in a dumpster in via Nomentana and, immediately afterwards, seeing an elderly lady standing inside a car in via Arturo Graf, in Casal de ‘Pazzi, they threw coins in her vicinity and, after distracting her with this trick, they stole the bag she had on the seat.

The 4 were not satisfied and a little further on they tried to withdraw cash from an ATM in via Val Maira, in Conca d’Oro, using one of the newly stolen credit cards. The policemen never lost sight of the suspects and, after reaching them, they stopped them in via di Casal Boccone, between the Cesarina and San Basilio.

The agents, after having reconstructed the criminal events, even with the reports of the victims, proceeded to arrest the 4 subjects in flagrant crime, arrests which were subsequently validated. For two of them the judicial authority has ordered a ban on residence in the municipality of Rome. The car used, registered to a figurehead, was impounded.