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Gangs of Roma Children WHIP The people of Sheffield say they have to live in fear since the influx of Slovak migrants

In the afternoon gloom of Sheffield Street alone, housekeeper Sharon Hall is surrounded by a group of Roma kids waving homemade whips.
I hear a child nudging her to "fuck" herself. Then I see another swirling around with discarded trash scattered in the rat-infested streets, here in the poverty-stricken suburb of Page Hall.
nb press ltd The resident of Page Hall is flogged by young Slovak Roma boys in Sheffield Street. As she hurries for the safety of a friend's home, a boy brings the braided whip hook on Sharon's back as hard as he can.
Safe at home, shortly thereafter, unhurt, but clearly shaken, she tells me: "I was whipped twice. They threw cans and pieces of wood at me. I was worried about my safety – I had a whole gang around me. "
After voting in 999, Sharon, 54, tells how she is abused daily in the field of attacks after thousands of Slovak Roma arrive in Sheffield.
I had come to the notorious Page Hall, worried that the tensions in the church would skyrocket again.
nb press ltd. Oliver Harvey was stunned when young Roma children cracked homemade whips of more than a meter in length on their way to Page Hall. In September, a police helicopter, 15 police vehicles and dog handlers visited a school, apparently after a Roma girl tore a headscarf from a Yemeni classmate.
Dozens of parents rushed to the gates of the Fir Vale Academy after fake rumors about a knife fight at the school. Some even tried to climb the fence.
Since the EU enlargement in 2004, 6,000 Slovak Roma have arrived in Sheffield. Many have settled in Page Hall, a diverse area with many people of Pakistani descent.
Soon there was friction. Among the complaints made by the Roma were allegations that groups were drinking on the street late at night, drugs, men urinating and throwing garbage in public.
nb press ltd A group of Roma children attacked Sharon after buying cigarettes in a corner shop. Many of the dilapidated houses that the Roma are stuffed into are owned by Pakistani immigrants who have successfully assimilated into the community, and now the landlords are climbing or building small empires.
Now they are worried about the price erosion caused by crime, confusion and tensions.
Six miles away in Eastwood, a suburb of Rotherham, which has also seen an influx of Roma, local MP Sarah Champion said that "unsightly" landlords who rent to Roma came almost entirely from Pakistan.
She recently visited a meeting of about 40 Eastwood Roma who felt victimized in their homes.
nb press ltd John Simspson says you can not open our borders without integration policies. She said, "They talked about bullying and humiliation, and they said it was the Pakistanis who did this."
During my visit to Page Hall this week, I was stunned to see young Roma children cracking homemade whips that were more than a meter long.
Prior to our meeting, Sharon had visited a corner shop to buy cigarettes after he came home from work.
A group of Roma children out in the street – at least two carrying whips with wooden handles and woven string or rope belts – followed.
nb press ltd. Sharon says there is no parental control over Roma children in Sheffield. After her attack, Sharon was stopped in the middle of the street just before the attack of taxi driver Tanveer Jan to insult the children.
The taxi driver, whose father had come from Pakistan to Sheffield to work in the steelworks, later told me, "I just asked them what they're doing, and they ran away.
"These whips are dangerous weapons. Many of them make them at home. The police know about it. "
Sharon, manager of a nearby unit for adults with learning disabilities, told me: "There were about seven children who looked eight years old. They were serious.
SWNS: South West News Service Part of the Roma community has been on the street all night. "There is no parental control. They come back from school, feed them, throw them back on the street and do not bother watching them. "
Sharon, who said she would like to buy and buy a retirement cart on the Yorkshire coast, added:
"The kids just have to throw something heavy at me that accidentally hits my head or hits my eyes so I get hurt." She said the police did not find the incident on Wednesday and sent her an apologetic text saying they would be in contact.
Neighbor Kerryanne Wright, a single mother of five, says she became a virtual prisoner in her home after being targeted by Roma families.
Getty Images – Getty Former Labor MP David Blunkett said we need to change the behavior of the new Roma community in 2013. She looks through her window smeared with a yolk, which in her opinion was the result when her house was thrown by the Slovaks.
Kerryanne, 38, says: "They throw garbage into my garden, they keep knocking on doors and windows, and there's music until 12.30. There are groups of men in the street and it stinks of grass. I was beaten when I asked that the music should be rejected.
"You have poked through my house window. My children were crying. I have three little kids who are scared.
"I've called the police 15 or 20 times in recent months.
Times Newspapers Ltd The living conditions of the Roma in Slovakia are bad and there are not many opportunities for them. "They tell me to keep telling them what's happening to them. The people have enough. "
Many of Page Hall's Roma come from an impoverished area of ​​Slovakia where they suffered terrible discrimination.
On the eve of the EU enlargement to the East in 2004, I visited a Roma village near the city of Kezmarok in Slovakia and was shocked by her living conditions, which were not out of place in a refugee camp.
Families lived in wooden huts, got water from a communal standpipe and some holes in the floor were used as a toilet for 1200 people.
Times Newspapers Ltd Roma children live in wooden huts in Slovakia The Roma have been excluded from their jobs and training, resulting in distrust of the authorities.
Unemployment in the village was 98 percent, and men searched for firewood in the forest. Many native Slovaks were openly hostile to them.
No wonder, then, that some of the more than 200,000 Roma who came to Britain found it difficult to integrate into suburban Britain.
In 2013, former Labor Interior Minister and Sheffield MP David Blunkett issued this controversial warning: "We need to change the behavior and culture of the new Roma community, otherwise there will be an explosion.
Times Newspapers Ltd Roma living in Slovakia have been excluded from jobs and education, which puts them in distrust of the authorities and not living in areas with toilets or landfills. "
Taxi driver Tanveer, whose two children visit Fir Vale, said, "I agree with David Blunkett that this area is a ticking time bomb.
"It is not a racial thing, we are not against all Slovaks. We have two Roma families in our street who are absolutely awesome. They work and mix with the community.
"But a large majority wants to live like Slovakia, around the clock on the street. People are tired of it. We do not stand for it anymore. "Last week he and other concerned locals set up a neighborhood committee. They have already had discussions with the police and the council to find ways to combat antisocial behavior.
In the shopping street of Page Hall Road, garbage is on the sidewalk. A Pakistani owner of a fast-food joint tells me he has to leave his house twice a day.
US President Donald Trump talks openly with The Sun about European immigration
In another store, Kurdish shop worker Shwan Said said, "The garbage is terrible. There are rats everywhere. "He said about the Slovaks:" At night they drink and sing in front of my house. I have a little child. I asked her not to keep it. Some listen, others ignore it. "
Forty-two-year-old John Simpson, 48, has been living nearby for 31 years and said, "You can not open your borders to people and you have no integration policies. People gather in the street because they can not go anywhere. "
John, a DJ whose parents immigrated from Jamaica, added, "The only problem I have is the new madness with the whips. I confiscated three because I had bumps in the car and have other scratches.
"What condemns me is that the parents only look out the windows."
21-year-old Tomas Tancos, who comes from the Roma community, runs the Sheffield Roma Network, which seeks to help the Slovaks integrate.
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He said, "Where they come from, there is not a single opportunity. No jobs, no education. They were used to living in villages – people were not used to this lifestyle. "
The network seeks to help the Roma find a job, learn English and address concerns about litter, noise and anti-social behavior.
In the past, integration has certainly been locally successful – since World War II, this part of Sheffield has hosted immigrants from the Caribbean, Pakistan and Yemen as well as more recently refugees from Chile, Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq and Sudan.
However, the action of the network within the Roma community can prove successful.


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