Gao Yuanyuan wins the portrait rights case and his real name is accidentally exposed | Gao Yuanyuan | Zhao Youting

[Epoch Times October 26, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Recently, Gao Yuanyuan sued a Hangzhou wedding company for infringement of portrait rights. The name of the plaintiff in the verdict was “Gao Yuanyuan” instead of the well-known “Gao Yuanyuan”, which accidentally exposed her real name.

According to the enterprise information query system “Enterprise Check”, “Hangzhou Huoshaoyun Technology Co., Ltd.” and Gao Yuanyuan (formerly known as Gaoyuanyuan) network infringement liability dispute second-instance civil judgment was published on the 19th, and the cause of the case was a network infringement liability dispute.

The verdict stated that the evidence submitted by “Gaoyuanyuan” could prove that “Hangzhou Huoshaoyun Company” used her photo on the WeChat official account operated and managed by the company without permission, infringing on its portrait rights. Given that Gaoyuanyuan has a certain social reputation and its portrait has certain commercial value, “Gaoyuanyuan” has the right to request “Hangzhou Huoshaoyun Company” to stop the infringement, eliminate the impact, make an apology, and claim compensation for losses. Accordingly, the appeal of Hangzhou Huoshaoyun Company was rejected.

The court finally ruled that “Hangzhou Huoshaoyun Company” must compensate Gao Yuanyuan for economic losses of 20,000 yuan and apologize on the WeChat official account for seven days.

Gao Yuanyuan debuted at the age of 17 for filming an ice cream commercial. She was called a “Clear Girl” for her cute and fresh appearance. After that, she entered the entertainment industry and took over filming many film and television works. In 2003, she starred in the TV series “Eternal Dragon Slayer” in “Zhou Zhiruo”. Became popular.

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Gao Yuanyuan, 42 years old this year, met Zhao Youting in 2011 when he filmed the movie “Search”. At that time, the two people interacted constantly on the set, and their eyes and movements were very sweet. The film director Chen Kaige predicted at the time: “These two people will definitely make it!” After the filming was over, Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan generously admitted their love affair at the movie premiere. The tie was tied after the year.

Gao Yuanyuan has a low-key personality. She seldom exposes herself in front of the camera after marriage. After giving birth to a daughter, she puts her focus on the family. Occasionally, she is taken pictures of a family of three traveling. The picture is very warm.

Not long ago, Gao Yuanyuan brought her 2-year-old daughter and actor friend Jiang Yiyan to a party. She was photographed with a plain face and casual dressing. She gently helped her daughter sitting on her lap to tidy her hair. The atmosphere was warm and cheerful. It also made the 2-year-old Rhea face up. The appearance is exposed.

Gao Yuanyuan revealed the love between husband and wife in a talk show earlier. She bluntly said that in the order of life, Zhao Youting must be placed first, followed by children and career. She also happily shared that her daughter “is like Zhao Youting with a pigtail.” Although the doctor who gave her a caesarean section told her that her daughter will gradually look like her mother, Gao Yuanyuan thinks it doesn’t matter who the daughter looks like, and praises her. The daughter is cute like a father.

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