Gard : a 4 year old child found death after an accident on l'54

Gard : a 4 year old child found death after an accident on l'54


C e Saturday, October 21, at around 15 h, on the A 54, at Saint-Gilles (Gard), in a tragic road accident resulted in the death of a child aged 4 years.

A deadly accident on the 54, at Saint-Gilles

This Saturday, October 21, at around 15 pm, a fatal accident involving a vehicle occurred on highway 54, at the level of Saint-Gilles (Gard), in the direction west – east, from Nîmes (A9) to Arles. A detour has been put in place at PR 9+793, in Saint-Gilles. 16: 40 pm, the traffic on this sector was slowed down, Vinci noted more than two kilometers of traffic jams.

According to our information, it is a child, age 4 who was killed in this accident. The vehicle, with four people of the same family to board, a couple and two children aged 4 and 8 years old, came out of his traffic lane for a reason yet to be determined before typing a barrier and make multiple barrels. The emergency services have attempted a heart massage on the young victim, but they are not arrived to revive him. The other people were out, they, free of this tragic accident, but shocked, have been transported by the fire department of the Gard to the CHU Caremeau, Nîmes, france.

Two accidents on the A9 to Montpellier and Mauguio

To 16 h, two other accidents occurred on the motorway, in the Hérault. The two on the A9, in the direction south – north, from Montpellier to Avignon.

  • The first, to RP 98 + 406, Montpellier. On the middle lane, right lane and shoulder : two vehicles are involved. A reduction in the number of lanes has been set-up to 17 h. the Late accident at 17: 15.

  • The second Mauguio (709), on the exit ramp of Fréjorgues : three vehicles are involved. The end of the accident at 16: 40.

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