Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Gard : two young men who died in an accident on l’A9


D them young men between the ages of twenty-two years, died this Saturday morning, while they were travelling on the A9 at the height of Marguerittes in the Gard. Their vehicle rolled several times.

A fatal accident occurred Saturday morning on the A9. Two young men in their twenties have lost their lives and three other youth of the same age have been seriously injured after their 4 x 4 is left in barrels on the A9 motorway, at the height of Nîmes in the Gard) at about 3 a.m. Saturday, a-t-on learned from the police.

“It is without a doubt an accident due to a loss of control at very high speed,” said lieutenant-colonel Sébastien Baudoux, number 2 of the groupement de gendarmerie du Gard, which stated that the five teens were all from Avignon. The driver would be the only one involved, unable to keep control of his 4×4 Range Rover that has completed a road below the highway, on fire, after pushing the guardrail to safety. The vehicle was on fire upon arrival of firefighters. The five occupants were ejected from the vehicle.

Three people were seriously injured

Among the injured three people, two young men, in their twenties, are in an absolute emergency. The last passenger, a young woman of the same age, is also seriously affected, but his prognosis is not engaged.

The three injured have been hospitalized in Nîmes. The accident took place at the level of the kilometre point 44 of the A9 highway, in the north-south direction, between Orange and Montpellier. Three vehicles of the emergency team have been mobilized as well as twenty firefighters. The wounded have been evacuated to the hospital of Nîmes.

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