GARD Violette releases her new single, “la mesa puesta”

Violette (Photo Violette).

We still know her by her full name but we bet that Violette (Barratier) will soon only be known by her first name. Thanks to the table set it returns to titillate Mediterranean ears.

French by her father, Spanish by her mother, Violette embodies the dual Franco-Spanish culture. She grew up in France in a cinematographic and musical environment in which her father Christophe Barratier initiated her from an early age.

Famous director and guitarist, he was able to awaken in her the passion for these two arts. A lifelong lover of Madrid, Violette was in her twenties when she decided to settle there. It was there that she met Germán Gómez-Escolar, a composer from Madrid who followed in the footsteps of his father Luis, recognized in his country.

Since August 1, La Mesa Puesta is available on all platforms and the clip is online on Youtube. Summer single with pop sounds and acoustic guitar that leads to escape, to a desire for a getaway. The composition and arrangements are by Germán Gómez-Escolar and the interpretation, of course, by Violette Barratier.

Part of the filming was done in the arenas of Béziers (Photo Violette).
At the back of the truck to validate the plans for the clip (Photo Violette).