The messages in the short overview: Waspennest overlooked – gardener dies after gardening (13.55 clock) Hunter discovers kangaroo in Baden-Württemberg (12.32 pm) Le Pen wants to save her party with a call for donations before the bankruptcy (11.12 clock) Most successful Olympic rider: Hans-Günter Winkler dies (8:45 am) Poll: CSU continues to sink under Seehofer / Söder (8 o’clock) 100 dead in the rain and floods in Japan (6:02) Brexit Minister David Davis resigns in dispute over Brexit (3.58 clock) The news of the day in the
star -Ticker: +++ 14.50 clock: Jewish organizations warn against Muslim anti-Semitism +++ Around 30 Jewish organizations have called on the federal government and the states to take a clear stance against anti-Semitism – even against that of Muslims. Democracy support projects should only be publicly funded if they expressly oppose anti-Semitism and anti-Israel Bokyott demands, it said. Among others, the declaration is signed by two Jewish regional associations, ten municipalities as well as the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, the Moses Mendelssohn Center (Potsdam), the musician Andrej Hermlin and the Green politician Volker Beck. At the weekend, an apparently anti-Semitic incident was registered in Berlin again. A group of Syrians had beaten a compatriot in Berlin-Mitte and injured his head. The victim is said to have worn a necklace in the shape of a Star of David, as the police announced.
+++ 14:35: New fire on ex-military terrain difficult to delete +++ The new major fire on the former military training area in the Lieberoser Heide in southern Brandenburg could lead to the eviction of a nearby village. There is reason to evacuate Klein Liebitz with about 30 inhabitants, as the director of Lieberose / Oberspreewald, Bernd Boschan, told a fire brigade of the German Press Agency. The citizens were informed. According to the district administrator of the Dahme-Spreewald district, Stephan Loge, the fire extended to around 80 hectares. He had broken out on Sunday. Due to predicted winds, it is feared that the fire could get bigger. Even with this fire, it is so that the fire department can not penetrate to the fire areas, because ammunition is still suspected in the ground. +++ 14.18 Clock: Leading government critic Bahrain after house arrest left +++ After more than a year of house arrest, one of the leading government critics of the Arab Gulf State of Bahrain has left the country for health reasons. The highest Shiite cleric, Sheikh Issa Kassim, had traveled to London for treatment, the cleric said on Monday. For this he got a one-year limited passport. The spiritual leader of Bahrain’s largest opposition group was deprived of citizenship two years ago. It is unclear which disease the 81-year-old is suffering from. The island state is governed by a Sunni ruling dynasty, but the majority of citizens are Shiites. +++ 2:15 pm: Scotland Yard: Poisoned couple touched Nowitschok tank +++ In the case of the British couple poisoned with Nowitschok, the police assume that the two must have touched a container with the neurotoxin. The dose of the warfare agent had been very high, Scotland Yard said. The 44-year-old woman and her 45-year-old partner had been found poisoning in Amesbury at the end of June. The woman died Sunday night at the Salisbury District Hospital. +++ 13.55 clock: Hornet nest overlooked – allotment garden dies after gardening +++ A 50-year-old man was stabbed dead in a small garden in Herne by wasps because he probably missed a nest of insects when hecking. According to police, the man had cut in his plot with a hedge trimmer in the insect nest. He had been stabbed several times on the face and sank to the ground. Whether he also inhaled wasps was initially unclear. The emergency doctor tried in vain to revive the man – the allotment gardener had died in the plant. The police does not rule out an allergic shock. +++ 13:53: Cathy Hummels could write legal history for influencers +++ Instagram celebrity Cathy Hummels could write legal history: The wife of professional footballer Mats Hummels is at the center of a civil litigation lawsuit that her lawyers, if necessary, want to challenge as far as the Federal Court. The Association Social Competition (VSW) had obtained a preliminary injunction against Hummels. The accusation: Hummels make advertising prohibited on Instagram – they praise products without labeling them as advertisements. Their lawyers objected to this. At the hearing before the district court of Munich, however, it became clear that the judges did not want to follow this: Unless Hummels receives any payment or other consideration from the companies concerned for the mention of the products, the court considers this permissible. The model itself did not appear. +++ 13.53 clock: Eritrea and Ethiopia officially end the state of war +++ After decades of hostility, Ethiopia and Eritrea have officially ended their state of war. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrea President Issaias Afwerki signed a “Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship,” as Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Gebremeskel said. Both countries now sought “close cooperation in the political, economic, social, cultural and security fields”. The statement marks a turnaround in the relationship between the two states: Because of a border dispute, they fought a bitter war from 1998 to 2000, in which some 80,000 people were killed. Eritrea split from Ethiopia in the early 1990s following a three-decade-long war and declared independence in 1993. +++ 13:31: EU: Davis resignation for us no problem +++ The EU Commission does not see any problem in the resignation of Brexit minister David Davis for the negotiations on Britain’s EU exit. The EU has great interest in an agreement with London and is available around the clock for talks, said a Commission spokesman. Davis had resigned in protest against the Brexit line by Prime Minister Theresa May. Prior to this, May had prevailed in her cabinet on the UK’s long-term commitment to trade in goods. The UK is leaving the EU on 29 March 2019. By autumn, an agreement will be in place to regulate the conditions of withdrawal and set the political framework for future relations between the two sides. +++ 13:19: Lufthansa recalculated bonus miles for thousands of tickets +++ Due to a software error Lufthansa has to recalculate the bonus miles for thousands of tickets. The error that has occurred since the beginning of June is recognized and will be resolved by the end of this month, said a spokesman for Lufthansa subsidiary Miles & More in Frankfurt. In the customer loyalty program especially tickets were wrongly calculated, which had been booked by major customers, as the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” had reported. Miles & More did not fundamentally change the bonus system until March. Calculation basis for the credits is since then no longer the flight distance, but only the turnover. +++ 13:01: No money here – woman jumps from a moving taxi +++ Because she did not have any money, an 18-year-old jumped out of a moving taxi. According to police, the young woman was seriously injured in the late night incident in Bergheim near Cologne. Accordingly, the driver with the woman in the vehicle headed for a police station, after she had told him during the trip, to have neither money nor ID card. The 18-year-old then opened the passenger door and jumped out of the car. The driver alerted the emergency services. The woman came to a clinic. +++ 12:45: Salvini wants port closure for naval vessels with migrants +++ Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s suggestion that foreign naval vessels with rescued migrants should no longer be deployed is also being resisted within the government in Rome. Salvini had demanded that not all ships of international missions, such as Eunavfor Med Sophia, in which Germany is also involved, should automatically enter Italy. Salvini said he wanted to bring the issue to the table of the EU Interior Ministers meeting in Innsbruck on Thursday. However, Italian media cited from the Ministry of Defense, according to which decide not the Interior Minister, but the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the topic of EU missions. If such a proposal is not co-ordinated at the governmental level, you will not get anything but headlines, it was said from circles. +++ 12.32 clock: hunter discovered kangaroo in Baden-Württemberg +++ A kangaroo has been spotted in Seelbach in Baden-Württemberg – a good two weeks after the outbreak of a kangaroo in Kenzingen 30 kilometers away. Whether the sighting was the escaped marsupial was still unclear. The police reported that a hunter reported seeing the animal on a wildlife camera. The missing kangaroo was outgrown on a private plot on June 23rd. It was then spotted several times, but could not be captured. Capturing a kangaroo in the wild is rather difficult, said Claudia Vollhardt, curator at the Karlsruhe Zoo. From the Karlsruhe Zoo, marsupials have been outgrown again and again. One had to corner and capture with a net. The others returned more or less voluntarily. +++ 12:30 clock: British fan robbed in taxi ride in Moscow +++ A British football fan was robbed during a taxi ride in Moscow. Unknown had the 56-year-old an expensive watch, a mobile phone and cash stolen, the agency Tass reported, citing authorities. The damage amounted to just under two million rubles (about 27,000 euros). The police later arrested a suspect. England will contest the semi-final against Croatia at the World Cup in Russia on Wednesday in Moscow. +++ 12:28: Seehofer and Merkel talk about Brexit letter +++ After the Brexit letter from the Interior Minister to the EU Commission on Security Cooperation with the United Kingdom, Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) are looking for the conversation. The Chancellor and the Minister are in lively exchange, they “agree that the security situation for the citizens may not deteriorate after Brexit,” said the deputy Government spokeswoman Martina Fietz in Berlin. “The Chancellor and the Minister of the Interior have also talked to each other today once again.” Seehofer had warned the EU Commission to “full security cooperation” with London, even after the British EU exit. Delicate is Seehofer’s intervention because he took over positions of British Prime Minister Theresa May, deviating from the official EU line. The German Permanent Representation to the EU later dissociated itself in a letter from the Friday from Seehofer’s letter. “I would like to make it clear that this is a letter that is not voted on in the Federal Government,” wrote the head of the political department, Thomas Eckert, to the EU Commission. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior emphasized: “It was really not the intention to cause any irritation.” In his letter, the Minister did not want to question in any way the Commission’s guidelines. Government spokeswoman Fietz said that Merkel also considers security cooperation with Great Britain important. “There is no dissent between the Chancellor, for example, and the Home Secretary,” she added. +++ 12:05: Indian court confirmed death sentence for rapists +++ India’s Supreme Court has upheld the death sentences against three rapists. The men were involved in the deadly gang rape of a student in the capital New Delhi in 2012. According to a lawyer accused, the judges rejected applications from the three convicts to convert the death penalty into life imprisonment. According to the court, there is no new information to support a review of the verdict, the lawyer said. A fourth convicted person also wanted to file an application. The young woman was abducted on a bus on 16 December 2012 and was raped and tortured by six men. She died just two weeks later of her internal injuries. The crime triggered an unprecedented wave of protests. Thousands of young Indians demonstrated against sexual assault. One of the culprits took his own life. Another was sentenced to a juvenile sentence because he was still a minor at the time of the crime. +++ 11.40 clock: Dominic Raab to be new Brexit Minister +++ Dominic Raab to become the new Brexit minister in the UK. This was announced by the British government. His predecessor David Davis resigned late Sunday evening in a dispute over Prime Minister Theresa May’s new Brexit strategy. Like Davis, the 44-year-old Raab is a convinced Brexit fan. The resignation of Davis had plunged the government in London into a deep crisis just nine months before leaving the EU on 29 March. +++ 11:12: Le Pen wants to save their party with a call for donations before bankruptcy +++ The party of the French right-wing populist Marine Le Pen has asked its supporters for donations to avert the impending insolvency. A website has been set up to collect donations from “all those French who can not endure injustice,” wrote Le Pen on Twitter. She fears the confiscation of party funds for the existence of her National Rally, which until recently was called Front National (FN). Investigating judges had decided to withhold two million euros from public funding for the party. At the end of August, therefore, threatened the “death” of the largest opposition party in France, Le Pen said the station BFMTV. Background is an affair for EU Parliament jobs. French investigating judges have long been suspected that assistants of FN deputies in the EU Parliament have worked illegally for the party in France. +++ 11:03: Hockey sticks and fence slats: mass brawl in Berlin +++ Up to 50 people in Berlin with hockey sticks and fence slats started each other. On Sunday evening, numerous calls were made to the mass brawl, the police said. According to this, initially 20 to 30 people met at Treptower Park. A little later, another group of about 20 people is said to have arrived. Immediately began a brawl in which even surrounding bottles were thrown. As police hurried, people escaped unrecognized. The police now investigate because of serious breach of the peace against unknown. Already at the weekend it came to attacks from larger groups. For example, a young couple in Schöneberg were thrown out of a crowd with chairs and bottles during the night of Sunday. The 18-year-old woman suffered minor injuries. +++ 10:53 clock: Stoiber: break between CDU and CSU would destabilize Germany +++ Former CSU leader Edmund Stoiber demands to stop any debate about a break between the CDU and CSU. “Whoever swears, gets three red cards,” said Stoiber in the “Picture” broadcast “The Right Questions” , A divergence of the Union parties would destabilize Germany. In the CSU, splitting off is also out of the question: “In the CSU there is no voice that demands this, and an end to the community can only lead to the greatest evil.” Speculations about a breach of the Union had arisen during the asylum dispute between the CDU and in the course of which the CSU leader and Federal Interior Minister had threatened to resign. +++ 10.50 am: More than 215,000 night flights to Germany’s airports +++ The number of night flights in Germany reached a new record level in 2017. At the 16 international German airports, the number of take-offs and landings increased to 215,843, as the “Rheinische Post” reported. This was about 14,000 more than in the previous year, as the response of the Federal Ministry of Transport to a small request from the Greens parliamentary group shows. Ten years earlier, the number of night flights was therefore 193,434 still below the 200,000 mark. The reasons for the increase in night flights is, on the one hand, the growth in overall air traffic. On the other hand, it is because of the fact that the authorities do not do much against increasing delays and early arrivals. +++ 10.00 clock: Romania’s chief corruption investigator dismissed +++ Under pressure from the government, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis dismissed the head of the anti-corruption unit, the prosecutor (DNA). Iohannis bowed to a ruling by the Constitutional Court stating that the head of state should not oppose the government’s proposal on this personal issue. The work of the DNA and the now dismissed boss Laura Kövesi was last of the
EU much appreciated. Justice Minister Tudorel Toader had requested the dismissal of Kövesi months before, but Johannes had refused to do so by signing it. As a result, Toader turned to the Constitutional Court, which is mostly filled with pro-government judges. The driving force behind this is the head of the ruling party PSD, Liviu Dragnea, who is not allowed to become prime minister because he has a criminal record. He controls the government. +++ 9:21 clock: construction prices for residential buildings continue to grow vigorously +++ Prices for the new construction of residential buildings continued to rise in May. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, the increase over the same month last year was 4.1 percent. This is the highest increase in more than ten years – in November 2007, the increase in construction prices had amounted to 5.8 percent. Housing construction prices had risen sharply during the previous survey in February, rising by 4.0 percent compared to the same month last year. From February to May 2018, construction prices increased by 1.0 percent according to the statistics. +++ 9.20 clock: Gorillaz singer is better off after falling from the stage The singer of the British pop band Gorillaz, who crashed at the weekend from a high festival stage in the Danish Roskilde, has given his all-clear. He was fine so far, but he still had to stay in the hospital for a while, explained the rapper with the stage name Del the Funkee Homosapien on Twitter and Instagram. “Thank you for all the love,” wrote the musician. The band had canceled the concert after falling on the night of Sunday. Videos from the audience show how Del the Funkee Homosapien runs over the edge of the stage and falls down. +++ 9:00 am: Drunk and thrown out – High fine for restaurant in Sydney +++ First serve, then throw out: This procedure is one
restaurant expensive in Sydney. The staff had served two women within eighty minutes each of eight booze. The drunk women collapsed. Employees carried the unconscious guests out of the restaurant onto the sidewalk, according to a statement from the Alcohol and Gambling Authority. A police patrol called an ambulance. The Korean restaurant was condemned by the police to a fine of almost 1400 euros. It said the incident in November was one of the worst violations of state liquor laws, the agency said. The restaurant had served the women soju, a Korean liquor. Its alcohol content varies between 16 and 53 percent. The Alcohol Law of New South Wales provides, inter alia, penalties, when the holder of a bar license to drink drunk alcohol sold. +++ 8.45 am: show jumper Hans-Günter Winkler dies +++ Show jumping legend Hans-Günter Winkler died according to the German Equestrian Federation at the age of 91 years. With five gold medals, Winkler is the most successful rider in Olympic history. +++ 8.00 clock: Survey: CSU continues to sag under Seehofer / Söder +++ The calculus of Horst Seehofer and Markus Söder, to regain lost confidence in Bavaria through their refugee policy, continues to fail. In the current RTL / n-tv trend barometer would be at a federal election in Bavaria currently only 34 percent
Christian Social Union choose. In a state election, the party would only come to 38 percent and would be three months before the state election far away from the targeted absolute majority. With the reorientation of their refugee policy Seehofer and Söder wanted to win AFD voters for the CSU. But the opposite is the case: The AfD wins new supporters and would come in a federal election in Bavaria to 16, in a state election to 14 percent. +++ 6:12: Brazil’s former president Lula remains in custody +++ Brazil’s ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva remains in custody. This was decided by the President of the Appeal Court in Porto Alegre, Carlos Eduardo Thompson Flores. Previously, there had been confusion about a possible impending release of Lula. A judge of the appeals court had ordered this, but met with opposition from another judge of the same court. In a statement by the court president, it was finally said that he confirmed the decision of Judge João Pedro Gebran Neto, according to which the former head of state must remain in prison. +++ 6:04: Experts expect braked expansion of wind energy +++ The expansion of wind energy in Germany has passed the zenith. Last year, 1792 new wind turbines with a capacity of 5.3 gigawatts were installed on land last year, but this year’s expansion capacity is expected to fall by around one third to less than 3.5 gigawatts. That’s what the German Wind Energy Association expects. In the coming year, a further decline is expected. At sea it does not look much better. Last year, 222 offshore wind farms with 1.25 gigawatts of power went online, but now the pace is slowing down. At present, two offshore wind farms with a capacity of 780 megawatts are under construction. The reasons for the declining trend in expansion are political guidelines and regulations. +++ 6:02 clock: 100 dead in the rain and floods in Japan +++ The storms in Japan have so far killed at least 100 people. Seven victims were found in flooded residential areas of the city of Kurashiki in the west of the country, the news agency Kyodo News reported. The heavy rain has flooded roads and caused landslides since Thursday. Dozens of people are missing. A total of 54,000 rescue workers are deployed, according to the government, including soldiers and police officers. Particularly affected by the heavy rains was the region around the megacity Hiroshima. There, according to the news station NHK alone there were 39 dead. +++ 5:47 clock: Mick Jagger responds to Walesa’s request in the face of controversial judicial reforms +++ At a concert in Poland, Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger responded to a request by Poland’s former president Lech Walesa over the controversial judicial reforms in the country. “I’m too old to be a judge, but I’m young enough to sing,” Jagger said in Polish at the concert in Warsaw, according to a recording published by the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. “You know, we came to Poland a long time ago, 1967,” Jagger said in English, referring to the first Stones concert in the country, which was still in the Cold War. “I hope you stick to everything you’ve learned since, God bless you!” Added Jagger. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Walesa, an opponent of the national-conservative government in Warsaw, had previously asked the rock veterans to take political position. Many people in Poland who defended freedom needed support, Walesa had written on Facebook on Saturday. If the Stones in Poland could “say or do something, it would really mean something to them”. In Poland, “bad things are happening,” Walesa continued in his appeal to the Rolling Stones. +++ 4.57 Clock: At least 14 dead in new violence in Nicaragua +++ In recent clashes between pro-government forces and demonstrators in Nicaragua, at least 14 people have been killed, according to activists. “That was a horror,” said the president of the human rights organization Cenidh, Vilma Núñez, the news agency AFP. There are at least 14 dead, but it could be more. Among the dead are at least four members of the government-loyal troops. The clashes occurred in the areas of Diriamba and Jinotepe in the southwest of the country. There were reportedly raids by the government-loyal troops. The goal had been to dismantle barricades erected by the demonstrators. The riots in Nicaragua had begun in mid-April, when security forces violently cracked down demonstrations against pension cuts. +++ 4.51 clock: Erdogan is sworn in as the head of state and government of Turkey +++ About two weeks after his re-election, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes his oath of office at 15.30 in Ankara. In the future, as head of state and government, he will gain significantly more power and can enact decrees with legal force. He may appoint his ministers without the consent of the Parliament. Erdogan said his swearing in began a “new era”. The opposition, however, warns against a “one-man rule”. +++ 4.44 clock: Panda birthdays in Berlin Zoo: There are cake +++ The only two pandas in Germany are celebrating their birthday this week. Females Meng Meng will be five on Tuesday, male Jiao Qing on Sunday eight. As the Berlin Zoo announced, there will be variety on both menus on the menu of the crowd favorites: instead of pure bamboo, the keepers serve each a cake. This comes without sugar or even cream and instead contains bamboo, apples, carrots and ice cream, as a zoo spokeswoman said. The two pandas are on loan from China and have been on display in Berlin for over a year. The Capital Zoo is the only nationwide holding giant pandas. +++ 3.58 clock: Brexit Minister David Davis resigns in the dispute over Brexit +++ British Brexit minister David Davis has resigned in the dispute over the government’s exit policy. The “new trend” of Brexit politics and tactics make it less likely that Britain will leave the single market and the Customs Union, Davis explained the step in his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Theresa May on the night of Monday. The head of government contradicted. She disagreed with his characterization of the new Brexit strategy, she replied. May had previously notified her cabinet of a new exit strategy. Their plan was considered by many Brexit hardliners as a departure from the EU exit. +++ 3.15 clock: helicopter crashes in US residential building – a dead +++ In the state of Virginia, according to media reports, a helicopter crashed into a residential building. A human died, reported local media. There had been a fire, the building had been badly damaged. The accident occurred in Williamsburg in the southeast of Virginia. The place is located near Norfolk, where there is a naval base. The Daily Press, citing the police, said a deaths in the house had been confirmed. The TV station WAVY-TV showed pictures of the damaged building. The station quoted an eyewitness who reported a “violent explosion”. Others said that the helicopter had flown before the incident at low altitude. +++ 2.29 clock: Justin Bieber has become engaged +++ Teensiewarm Justin Bieber has apparently gotten engaged. The 24-year-old has made a proposal to his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, said the promiportal TMZ. The Canadian singer therefore stopped for a dinner at a restaurant in the Bahamas on Saturday for the model’s hand. The portal quoted eyewitnesses in the restaurant stating that Bieber’s bodyguards had asked everyone to put their cell phones away during the application. A spokesman for the singer did not comment on the report, but relatives of the couple hinted that the report was correct. “Pride is an understatement! Curious about the next chapter!”, Wrote Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber on Instagram and added a picture of his son. Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette wrote on Twitter: “love love love love love love love.” The Canadian pop star has been dating Hailey Baldwin for a month. The 21-year-old is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and the niece of acting star Alec Baldwin. +++ 1.05 clock: 60 people complain of nausea on ship – cause unclear +++ On a river cruise ship in Andernach in the Rhineland-Palatinate (Mayen-Koblenz district) around 60 people complained of nausea on Sunday evening. At the time, a total of about 200 passengers and crew had been on board, the police said in the night of Monday. The ship was docked in the harbor. A human came to the hospital. Concrete details, whether spoiled food or a virus was the reason for the nausea, the speaker could not call.


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