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Home Sport Gareth Anscombe remains loyal to Wales as he signs with Ospreys

Gareth Anscombe remains loyal to Wales as he signs with Ospreys

Wales star Gareth Anscombe has announced a move from Cardiff to Ospreys.


Wales star Gareth Anscombe has announced a move from Cardiff to Ospreys.

Gareth Anscombe has ended weeks of speculation about his rugby future by keeping faith with Wales.

However, the Kiwi playmaker, who was a star of the Six Nations Grand Slam, has confirmed that he will be switching to Ospreys for Cardiff Blues' next northern season.

Unsatisfied with his pay situation, there were strong suggestions that Anscombe could move to England, France or Japan, although this would be at the expense of his Wales test jersey and a place at this year's World Cup in Japan.

Both are confident now and the 27-year-old is looking forward to securing the next phase of his exciting career.

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The move to Ospreys will ensure more time at position 10 than in Cardiff, where he was regularly used as a defender. He also brings him back into contact with Matt Sherratt, who has helped shape his career in Wales since he was transferred north by the Chiefs in 2014.

Anscombe has taken the first choice from Wales and wants to focus on developing his skills.

"I'm delighted that I've secured my future to play professional rugby in Wales and join the Ospreys," Anscombe said in a statement when his Ospreys deal was confirmed.

"I am very happy that in an unsettling time, I can finally put the pen on paper and commit to stay in Wales.

"I know many of the guys from my time with the Wales team and they can not talk enough about the spirit and ambition in the region that really excites me.

"I was impressed with the vision and long-term goals of the coaches and the entire region, and I would like to thank them for supporting my dream of continuing to play pro-rugby in Wales and, if I play well enough, to play for my country. "

Allen Clarke, head coach of Ospreys, said, "Gareth is a player I've admired for a long time and I'm glad he dedicated his future to the Ospreys.

"It's not just a letter of intent, it's adding another international-quality player to our squad for next season, the number one in Wales in its position.

"He has worked closely with Matt Sherratt before, and I know that Gareth is looking forward to reuniting with him, both in terms of the challenge and the quality of his game.

"Gareth will also be providing his backline and team attack with undoubtedly positional and playful X-Factor attributes.

"I have no doubt that his drive and talent will add to the quality we already have in the squad and he will become a fan favorite."


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